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Marco Panella to release "In the Age of Batteries", November 1st, via Auger Down Records!

 Marco Panella to release In the Age of Batteries November 1, 2011!
 NEW MP3 (Cleared to post): Marco Panella - "The Aquifer"
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The seven songs on In the Age of Batteries are scraps of American history jumbled, re-imagined, and retold through a lens that draws from Americana, noise, and avant-guarde guitar. Your guide? Marco Panella.  It is balladry that actually sounds like America: beautiful and ridiculous, linear but fractured, vibrant and electric, and edged with dissonance. Dusted Magazine called Panella’s last album, Eastern Landscapes, “a worthy artifact of the creative mind untethered.” In The Age of Batteries pulls us further into Panella’s inventive vision of the American reality between truth and fiction.

 NEW MP3 (Cleared to post): Marco Panella - "The Aquifer"

In the Age of Batteries is the first lyrical collaboration between Panella and his longtime friend, the visual artist Joey Weiss. The two also collaborate on a series of videos, now released under the name “Songs to Live By.” Together, Weiss and Panella arrive at songwriting happily unencumbered by conventional ideas of what can or can’t be put to song.
In The Age of Batteries ventures repeatedly into rarely charted territory – the dystopian love song "The Aquifer", a multi-part saga about the mutiny on the Bounty,  a post-apocalyptic tune about trying to find Joe Biden’s son, a ballad for Jack Ruby’s lost dog, and a midwestern aviatory coming of age ballad. Rounding off the album is the traditional folk tune, “Swannanoah Tunnel.”

Marco will celebrate the release of his record with a special performance at the Bario Neal Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, November 3rd.
Panella’s guitar work is obviously inspired by Fahey and the American Primitives, as well as Nashville and some of the experimental guitarists – Loren Connors, Jim O’Rourke, and others – of the last thirty years. Joining him on bass is longtime friend and labelmate Tyler Gibbons of Red Heart the Ticker. His wife Anna Bario plays cello on two songs, and Panella also fills in on the drums.

In the Age of Batteries was recorded in his home studio in Philadelphia and Gibbons’ studio in Vermont. Auger Down Records will release the album on November 1 on CD, download, and a small run of LPs.

Artist - Marco Panella
Album - In the Age of Batteries
US Release Date - November 1, 2011
Label - Auger Down Records

Track Listing:

02. Swannanoah Tunnel
03. Levi
04. Bounty One: Lightning Strikes
05. Bounty Two: The Return Stroke
06. Hide, Hide, Hide!
07. Jack Ruby's Dog

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