Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Yarrows releasing debut album, Plum, on Dec. 18!

Empyrean Records is pleased to bring you Plum, the debut LP from The Yarrows. The album will release on December 18th, 2007. It’s a sublime record, one that trucks in the same emotional territory mined by tindersticks and the National while sounding wholly unique.

The Yarrows’ Plum comes on with a subtlety that makes the album an unlikely debut. This is the type of record that becomes indelible, song-driven and human; Plum is a musical atmosphere as textured and psychological as the songs themselves, filled with full-blooded and naked emotionalism that never descends into melodrama.

Formed in an abandoned lodge in hundreds of acres of woods in western New Jersey, the Yarrows are fronted by brothers Matt & Pierce Backes, with Scott Barcalow (bass/vocals, NYC) and Jack Firneno (drums, Philadelphia). The brothers grew up with Scott and production adviser Garris Shipon (Philadelphia), and while this is the first project to bring all four together in a focused way, they have been making music together most of their lives. Jack came into the band like the missing piece and fit in this tight bunch like he’d been there forever.

The band’s process is informed by the possibilities and pitfalls of working as a rock band. In this debut, The Yarrows are trying to make a record that isn’t cool or stupid. Plum might give up its treasures slowly, deepening a little on every spin. There are no obvious hooks, no singles and there’s nothing saccharine about it. From the stark snare hits that begin the opening track to the undulating then burning guitars of the closer, Plum sets out a challenging and gorgeous array of sounds, all driven by ten melodic, structurally inventive, and lyrically hypnotic songs.

Band MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theyarrows
Band website: http://www.theyarrows.com
Label website: http://www.empyreanrecords.com

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