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A&E Home Video DVD Releases: November 2007


On July 30th, 2007, superstar rock band Bon Jovi gathered their most dedicated fans for a once-in-a-lifetime intimate performance at a Chicago soundstage. The show, deemed The Lost Highway Concert after their most recent album release, included a complete performance of the band’s best-selling album Lost Highway, from start to finish, as well as many of their career chart-toppers. The concert, meticulously filmed in hi-def, 5.1 surround sound, captured every magical moment, which will be broadcast exclusively on the A&E Network on November 10th at 10pm ET/PT as a special primetime event, A&E ROCKS: BON JOVI. It features songs including, “Lost Highway,” “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” “We Got It Goin’ On,” as well as “Wanted Dead Or Alive” and more. An expanded version, entitled BON JOVI LOST HIGHWAY: THE CONCERT, with an additional 30 minutes of captivating concert foot age, exclusive backstage interviews, rehearsal and sound check footage will debut on DVD just three days later.

Jon Bon Jovi describes Lost Highway, the band’s 10th studio album, as “a Bon Jovi record influenced by Nashville.” Released in June ’07, the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard album charts and remained in the Top 10 for five consecutive weeks, making Lost Highway the band’s best-selling album of the decade. During BON JOVI LOST HIGHWAY: THE CONCERT, Bon Jovi treats fans to unforgettable live performances of every song from the album from beginning to end including the stand-out singles “(You Want To) Make A Memory,” “Lost Highway,” and “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore,” the latter of which spent time on the Hot Country Singles chart – a first for rockers Bon Jovi! Audiences also hear high-energy renditions of “Wanted Dead Or Alive” from 1986’s Slippery When Wet and “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

Run Time: Approx. 80 mins.+
Price: $24.95

“I'd like to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee.” -- Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio


The New York Yankees® have dominated Major League Baseball® for more than a century with unprecedented success, winning 29 World Championships and 36 ALCS® pennants since 1921. Join A&E Home Video and Major League Baseball Productions as the club’s sustained excellence and astounding talent is brought to full life in YANKEEOGRAPHY, a stunningly-packaged 12-DVD set featuring 34 complete episodes from the Emmy® Award-winning biographical series.

This must-own collection features more than 40 hours of the most memorable names and unforgettable moments in the team’s unmatched history; these are the official profiles of the extraordinary players who have left their mark, not only on the Bronx Bombers™ -- but on the game itself.

Paying homage to the Yankees® venerable history by going inside the lives of the team’s greatest players across more than nine decades, YANKEEOGRAPHY includes in-depth portraits of MVP’s including Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle, Thurman Munson, and current team leader Derek Jeter. This ultimate piece of Yankees® memorabilia -- priced to collect at $99.95srp -- also features 10 episodes never before released on DVD, as well as more than 10 hours of bonus footage containing highlights and extended interviews.

Run Time: 40 hrs., 53 mins.+
Price: $99.95/12-Pack


It’s hard to imagine Gene Simmons as anything other than the outlandish frontman of iconic supergroup KISS, but through GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS, he has been unmasked as a Dad who brings Gatorade to his daughter’s soccer games and cheers on his son’s band from the front row. Rock God, Demon or Dad? Who says you have to choose in the latest eagerly-anticipated DVD installment of A&E’s smash real-life series GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS: THE COMPLETE SEASON TWO, which contains every single jaw-dropping, tongue-wagging episode from the unbelievable second season.

In this collection featuring all 20 episodes from Season 2, Gene and his family are letting viewers back in for another round of plastic surgery and practical jokes, international travel and domestic chores. Whether he’s showing a young friend the ropes in Vegas or planning to buy himself an island, the legendary music icon still wants to rock and roll all nite. However, he’s forced to balance his hedonistic lifestyle with new domestic concerns: Shannon Tweed, the former Playmate of the Year to whom he’s been happily UNmarried for 23 years, wants a new baby; their son Nick is planning to go away to college; and their little girl Sophie is growing up fast, attracting the attention of fashion photographers. Gene and Shannon even allow cameras into the operating room to follow every step of their simultaneous plastic surgeries and their heartbreaking, hilarious recoveries at home. Don't miss a minute of this season’s highly-rated – and highly memorable -- revelations, hi-jinks and antics!

Extras: Bonus featurettes with the Simmons family

Run Time: 7 h., 20 mins. + extras
Price: $34.95/3-Pack

At the top of the world, there is a job like no other. A job to die for…BUCKLE IN FOR AN ADRENALINE-PUMPING RIDE ON ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS ROADS!

It’s the most perilous road in the world -- a strip of ice built on permafrost and frozen lakes that connects remote billion-dollar mining outposts in northern Canada with civilization 300 miles away. Open for only two months a year, ten thousand loads, some weighing as much as 22 tons, will travel over this highway in an urgent race to provide critical supplies to the camps before the ice melts. ICE ROAD TRUCKERS, the smash series from The History Channel®, follows the competition and camaraderie of six courageous truckers over a season on the ice road, as they brave white-outs, thin ice, and the deadly cold to perform one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Meet Hugh, Rick, Alex, Jay, T.J and Drew – the ice road truckers. A charismatic and rag-tag fraternity, they’re bound to each other by the knowledge that only 28 inches of frozen water, years of experience and quick reflexes separate them from certain doom. Yet, they all know the draw: a year’s worth of salary and bragging rights in just two months. Coined by many as a “dash for cash,”, each trucker tried to rack up as many runs as possible – at $2000 per trip – in the eight short weeks before the road melts away. ICE ROAD TRUCKERS: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE delivers home audiences to the frozen, white north for an entire perilous ice road season: from the construction of this massive frozen highway to the arrival and preparation of the truck fleet; from the first enthusiastic runs to the risky final days when the highway grows unreliable; from deep-winter breakdowns to isolation and boredom on the road.

Extras: The full pilot episode from the DANGEROUS MISSIONS series, which aired on The History Channel®, and never-before seen footage.

Run Time: 7 h., 50 mins. + extras
Price: $34.95/3-Pack

“Ravi Shankar is the Godfather of World Music.” – George Harrison


Ravi Shankar, the internationally acclaimed sitar virtuoso, performer, composer, and master of Indian classical music has enlightened a generation of music fans around the world. Now for the first time, Shankar’s legendary Concert For World Peace, performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall on November 9, 1993, will be available on DVD. The music, three enchanting Rajas, has been remixed in lush Dolby 5.1® surround sound specifically for the THE CONCERT FOR WORLD PEACE.

An invaluable addition to any music-lover’s collection, this chronicle captures the unmatched brilliance of a great performer who has spent six decades perfecting his craft and the fleeting beauty of a gorgeously improvised performance that can never be repeated. THE CONCERT FOR WORLD PEACE DVD includes Shankar’s performances of Raga Jait: Alap-Jor-Jhala and Raga Misra Khammaj: Slow and Fast Gats, accompanied by world-renowned Tabla player Zakire Hussain and Shankar’s own disciple (and virtuoso in his own right) Sarodist Partho Sarathy. Together they take you on a spellbinding musical odyssey of improvisational mastery. For a single night in 1993, the Royal Albert Hall became the epicenter of World Music as Ravi Shankar enraptured an audience with this legendarily mesmerizing concert. There will never be another performance like this, but you can enjoy it forever with this gorgeous DVD concert film, only from A&E Home Video.

Extras: “Ravi Shankar: The Soul of Tradition,” a 20 minute documentary featuring never-before-seen photos from Shankar’s personal collection, as well as fascinating new interviews with Shankar, daughter Anoushka Shankar, composer Phillip Glass and more

Run Time: 90 mins. + extras
Price: $24.95


As the world commemorates the 50th anniversary of Sputnik -- the first artificial satellite to be shot into space -- we’re reminded of mankind’s longtime fascination with space. Yet, even with the superb advancements in both technology and science over the five decades, there is still much to learn and discover…From the mysteries of our own solar system to the questions that surround unexplored galaxies, the wonders of space come alive in the epic documentary miniseries, THE UNIVERSE. Ambitious and ground-breaking, this November, home audiences will be able to unlock the mysteries of the infinite with THE HISTORY CHANNEL PRESENTS®: THE UNIVERSE.

Employing cutting-edge computer-generated imagery to bring distant planets and faraway stars up close, THE UNIVERSE gives home audiences an incredible opportunity to gaze at black holes and comets, and bear witness to the startling births and deaths of galaxies and solar systems. Whether it be to flirt with a black hole’s Event Horizon, rove the surface of Mars or plunge into the Sun, THE UNIVERSE allows viewers to experience the Cosmos as few have firsthand! Further, this series gives serious consideration to the great human questions: Are we alone? Is Planet Earth as insignificant to the Cosmos as a drop of water? Is there anywhere else out there that that can support life? Or, is there truly no place like home?

From the farthest reaches of distant galaxies back to the familiar face of our moon, THE HISTORY CHANNEL PRESENTS®: THE UNIVERSE brings the mysteries of the heavens down to earth.

Run Time: 10 h., 11 mins. + extras
Price: $44.95/5-Pack

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