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Finally, six years after With Vilest Of Worms To Dwell, HOLLENTHON returns. Currently, the band, centered around vocalist/guitarist Martin Schirenc, is recording the new tracks in Schirenc's very own studio. The new material is much heavier, but on the other hand,also contains bombastic orchestral and ethnic elements for which Hollenthon is known. A cover version of The Tea Party and artwork by Ralph Manfreda (Belphegor) complete this exciting and long-overdue package.

A release and European tour is scheduled for March/April 08.

TYR - New Album in 2008

ThIS Viking Metal band from the Faroe Islands has undoubtedly won over myriad new fans during their 2007 tour with AMON AMARTH, as was the case following their phenomenal appearance at Wacken Open Air. The gang, led by vocalist Heri Joensen, is currently concentrating on the songwriting for the next album. Once again, Jacob Hansen, who also was responsible for the sound of Ragnarok, will produce the album. Like in the past, TYR’s latest songs will contain genuine, traditional Scandinavian music combined with crushing Metal. A tentative release date is scheduled for April 08. Hail to the hammer!

MIDNATTSOL - Studio News

The German-Norwegian formation is currently running a recording marathon to finish the follow-up to "Where The Twilight Dwells.“ Camren Elise Espenaes will once again record her vocals in Mastersound Studios (LEAVES´EYES, ELIS). The rest will be recorded with THE VISION BLEAK mastermind Markus Stock at Klangschmiede E Studios. Tue Madsen (SIRENIA), one of Europe´s leading sound engineers, and the infamous Finnvox studios will guarantee a great production.

Nordlys will hit the streets in March 08.

Welcome to Napalm - POWERQUEST

Napalm Records has signed POWERQUEST from the UK. Formed in 2001, the band plays, just as the name suggests, Power Metal and will surely appeal to fans of DRAGONFORCE or Rhapsody. By the end of October, POWERQUEST will begin recording and should complete the new album by December. The album's release is scheduled for Spring 2008.


ASMEGIN are currently busy in the studio, recording new material. The Norwegians were not unproductive in the last years, and thus Tusind tabte Sjæles Kakofoni ("Cacophony of a thousand lost souls") will be a double-concept album that took the band over a year for the lyrics alone. While the likeable folk elements will be kept strong, the new album will also present a darker atmosphere and some progressive elements.

The release of Tusind tabte Sjæles Kakofoni is planned for mid 2008.

Releaseschedule 2007/2008
WOLFPACK UNLEASHED CD “Anthems of Resistance” OUT NOW! Thrash Metal
ENTHRONED CD “Tetra Karcist” OUT NOW! Black Metal
THE VISION BLEAK CD “The Wolves Hunt Their Prey” OUT NOW! Horror Metal
SINAMORE CD "Seven Sins A Second" Nov 6 Gothic Rock
SVARTSOT CD “Ravnenes Saga” Nov 6 Folk Metal
SYRACH CD “Days of Wrath" Nov 6 Doom Metal
ELIS MCD “Show Me The Way” Nov 6 Gothic Metal
VESANIA CD “Distractive Killusions” Nov 20 Symphonic Black Metal
ATROCITY Download-Single November 2007 Dark Metal
DRACONIAN CD January 2008 Gothic Metal
ISOLE CD "Bliss Of Solitude" January 2008 Doom Metal
ALESTORM CD February 2008 Scottish Pirate Metal
LEAVES´ EYES 2-DVD March 2008 Gothic Metal
MIDNATTSOL CD "Nordlys" April 2008 Gothic Folk Metal
ATROCITY CD “Werk 80 II” 08.02.2008 Dark Metal
EDENBRIDGE CD "MyEarthDream" April 2008 Symphonic Metal
TYR CD April 2008 Viking Metal
KAMPFAR CD April 2008 Pagan Folklore Metal

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