Monday, April 23, 2012

Ty Segall & White Fence Perform "Time" in Room 205

With pure elation we premiere the final installment of Room 205 with special guests Ty Segall & White Fence. To accompany the head trippin' skronk and clank of "Time" (from the forthcoming LP Hair on Drag City), editor Forrest Borie animated the artwork of guitarist/vocalist Tim Presley, aka White Fence. The ironclad peace sign, ominous revolving cube and long-lashed, blinking eyeball marks an aptly overstimulating end to an episode of truly gonzo AV explorations.

Special thanks goes to Tim, Ty, Mikal and Nick of Ty Segall & White Fence for making this episode of Room 205 possible. Thanks also to director Michael Reich, set designer Tamarra Younis, engineer Jon Gilbert, DP Conor Simpson and editor Forrest Borie.

About Ty Segall & White Fence
Whether you're walking, rolling and tumbling, flying, driving your car, or sitting in meditation, wherever you go, Hair you are. You don't always see the wild mystery of everyday life on this rock, but your connection to The Eternal is always present. You just can't see it. Today, you're in luck... up to your frontal lobes in luck. Ty Segall & White Fence have cast their X-ray vision upon you and can see the blood rocking through your veins and the blood vessels in your brain. Join them in joy as they blast live through three tracks from the new album Hair on Drag City Records.

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About Room 205
Working in collaboration with visiting musicians and a revolving cast of filmmakers, set designers, audio engineers and friends, Room 205 exists to share our collective passion for art and music and showcase the people that inspire us.

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