Friday, April 20, 2012

For Record Store Day: Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr.

Stream "Tarpit"

" of late ’80s synth-pop will smile incessantly." Consequence of Sound

"It’s understandable if the idea of Dinosaur Jr. songs being reworked to sound like they should have been on the soundtrack of (the original) Karate Kid or some other 1980s movie that involves a blonde haired, blue eyed bad guy makes you uncomfortable. But Brett Nelson (bassist from Built to Spill) won’t steer you wrong." eMusic
"Absolutely digable." Big Takeover

"Without a doubt, one of the more interesting developments in the Dinosaur Jr. camp has to be J Mascis' recent decision to work with the Electronic Anthology Project." Prefix

"Tell us you’re not curious to hear it." FACT naming it to one of the top 20 Record Store Day essentials.

To be released on Record Store Day (April 21st, 2012) in a limited edition of 500 purple vinyl copies (with digital, cd and standard vinyl to follow), the new edition of The Electronic Anthology Project takes nine songs from Dinosaur Jr. and brings out the new wave influences that were always hiding among the acid-dripping guitar solos and fervent rhythms.

The blast of "Little Fury Things" (from Dinosaur Jr.'s breakthrough 1987 LP You're Living All Over Me) is given a new life thanks to a throbbing Devo-like pulse. One of the band's most underrated songs from their Sire years, "Feel The Pain," sounds even more wistful when lost in the swell of glistening synth melodies and a knotty bed of programmed beats that would make The Human League proud.

True to form, Nelson called on Dinosaur Jr. leader J. Mascis to record all new vocal tracks for each song here. Wrenched free from the volume and intensity of his band, the heartfelt side of Mascis's lyrics and sober delivery are given the spotlight's full glare and, as a result, shine even brighter.

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