Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Champion Cuffer" by Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker (Prod. by The Hood Internet)

"With the ides of May fast approaching, and with it the release of the highly anticipated collaborative album Toothy Wavy, we have another great video to premier for you. As you know, Toothy Wavy is the partnership between Isaiah Toothtaker, incarcerated rapper Max B, and production duo The Hood Internet. “Champion Cuffer”, the first track off of the album, finally gets some visuals and they’re – uhhh – bodacious to say the least.Featuring a dare I say it Lynchian tattoo parlor waiting room stocked to the brim with old school skin mags, the “Champion Cuffer” video stars (director) Isaiah Toothtaker, gorgeous model Kristin Bracamonte, and some commendably bizarre camera movements. Seriously, that thing is all over the place. This is the very last video you’ll be getting before Toothy Wavy hits the airwaves on May 15th, so savor it!"- Via Мишка

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