Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waxploitation / ZZK Announce Compilation, XLR8R Premiers Teaser!

Project collaboration among emerging
Electronic artists from South America
Waxploitation Records and ZZK Records have announced they’ll be releasing a new project entitled Future Sounds of Buenos Aires. FSOBA is a collaboration featuring some of the most compelling artists emerging from Buenos Aires’ electronic underground including Mati Zundel, Fauna, Super Guachin and Chancha Via Circuito to name a few (complete track list below). To celebrate the release, Waxploitation/ZZK have made a Megamix of the album available for download and stream, premiering the mix at XLR8R. 

For Future Sounds of Buenos AiresChancha Via CircuitoMati Zundel, Frikstailers, Super GuachinLa YegrosEl RemolonKing Coya and more came together to write the collective work.  The end result is a chronicle of the burgeoning experimental dance scene that has emerged in Buenos Aires in recent years. Pioneered by the visionary Latin American label ZZK, Buenos Aires’ music fuses classic rural South-American-style with electronic futurism, creating a style that’s wholly unique.

The album brings together a dozen artists, each lending their distinctive sound. Chancha with his signature percussive style, Super Guachin with their 8 bit cumbia bass, Tremor’s glitchy futuristic take on Andean foklore and so on.

"ZZK is the first label to push the sound of Argentina from the villa (ghettos) to the uptown”, says Diplo, “ZZK is a big part in bringing this to the attention of the people.”

Much like what Detroit was to techno and Kingston was to dub and reggae, Buenos Aires is quickly becoming the focal point for this Latin American cultural movement.Future Sounds of Buenos Aires is the defining work of the new movement.

What makes this album interesting is that all of the artists are influenced by the combination of rural, traditional cumbia and folkloric roots mixed with a contemporary street-inspired sounds. The results offer twelve different interpretations of the past blended with the future.

1. Frikstailers “Guacha”
2. Tremor “Malambo”
3. Mati Zundel “Señor Montecostez”
4. Daleduro “La Poli”
5. Fauna “Hongo x Hongo”
6. The Peronists “Mi Llegada Tu Llegada Nuestro Descanso”
7. Super Guachin “Se Pixelo el Vinito”
8. La Yegros “Viene de Mi”
9. Chancha Via Circuito “Prima”
10. El Remolon “Atras” (featuring Lido Pimienta)
11. El Trip Selector “Coombia del Piano Triste”
12. King Coya “Cumbiatron” 

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