Friday, March 23, 2012

The Loom worked with the talented Ben Stamper on another video... Don't miss "In Your Doldrums" off of their new album, Teeth, that's out now on Crossbill Records!

When Brooklyn's The Loom decided to make a video for "In Your Doldrums" they immediately asked the Ben Stamper to help out. His work on their previous video for "For The Hooves That Gallop and The Heels That March" perfectly captured the dark elements of the band's sound and his new video, again, captures their intense spirit of the Loom's music! The band is currently in the van and headed West after a string of packed shows at SXSW in support of their debut LP, Teeth (out now on Crossbill Records)! Live, the band brings a kinship to the stage that results in close harmonies, rich instrumentation and sonic exploration that leaves attendees in joyful awe!
"Recorded in New York, the record is fast and full of folk rock crafted with all the weapons in The Loom's extensive arsenal: banjo, trumpet, ukulele, French horn and mandolin, to name a few. The result is an album that alternates between modern and retro, with a sensibility that's right for autumn."

"Beloved Brooklyn sextet the Loom...have lately been guiding their chamber-folk sound to decidedly louder sonic territory."

"Are you looking for the next big thing? If it’s folk: The Loom"

"Their brand of Americana, a healthy heaping of folk smattered with horns and male/female dual vocals, refreshingly cuts loose at times with hot, fuzzy guitar solos."

"Let's hope The Loom's "For The Hooves That Gallop..." is the beginning of a new discourse in folk."

"The Loom is a Brooklyn band that makes us believe that they're the fathers and mothers of our cold and jagged memories, those that may or may not even be our memories for they feel so distant. They make us believe that they are the keepers of or the mediums for the tangled and tattered old thoughts that give us pause as we sit down to consider that maybe we do have souls that are dated well beyond the years that we're given credit for having lived."

"The loft filled up to a full, but still comfortable level by the time The Loom came on. It was the first time I had seen them live, and at the time I tweeted that they were “killin it with horns.” I’m excited for the new album they said they were working on."

"With Brooklyn churning out bands of all stripes at all times, it's becoming more and more difficult to tell them all apart, let alone corral one whose music might send your heart aflutter. But wait! Hearts are FLUTTERING. Working heavily in gothic watercolors, the Loom kick out glow-in-the-dark folk wailers that flirt with the anthemic, but never abandon the quiet spaces they were born in."

"SXSW is the best festival in the world for stumbling across great, emerging new bands, and for me the best finds of the day were both at the Muzzle Of Bees barbecue. The Loom was the first of those, and they drew me in with upbeat multi-instrumental arrangements including French horn, trumpet, and ukelele (or possibly a mandolin — it was hard to tell from my tree fort vantage)...Afterward I joined many people in making verbal notes-to-self to check out The Loom when they get home."

"These days, the band’s intra-band camaraderie is palpable. That perhaps-unlikely closeness especially comes out on stage...weaving rich sonic tapestries with an intangible joy."
Don't miss the video for "For The Hooves That Gallop, and The Heels That March" at NPR
Download and share "In Your Doldrums" off of Teeth with your readership

The Loom, "In Your Doldrums" from The Loom on Vimeo.

Tour Dates:
03.20.12 - Denver, CO @ Walnut Room
03.21.12 - Salt Lake City, UT @ University of Utah
03.22.12 - Boise, ID @ Treefort Fest
03.23.12 - Eugene, OR @ Luckeys
03.24.12 - Seattle, WA @ Columbia City
03.25.12 - Portland, OR @ Rontoms
03.26.12 - Redding, CA @ Vintage Wine Bar
03.27.12 - Sacramento, CA @ Bows & Arrows
03.28.12 - San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
03.29.12 - Davis, CA @ Sophia's
03.30.12 - Los Angeles, CA @ Pitzer College (students only)
03.31.12 - Los Angeles, CA @ Satellite

04.01.12 - Mesa, AZ @ Lo Fi Cafe
04.04.12 - Lawrence, KS @ TBA
04.05.12 - Kansas City, MO @ Middle of the Map Fest
04.06.12 - Louisville, KY @ TBA
04.07.12 - Harrisonburg, VA @ Macrock

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