Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Мишка presents: Isaiah Toothtaker + Max B "WAFFLE HOUSE " video (Prod. by The Hood Internet)

"Another new track from Toothy Wavy, and this one has the video steez knob set all the way to “absolutely insane.”

The track is called “Waffle House”, so that’s a good place to start, and it features Rapewolf along with, as always, Isaiah Toothaker and Max B (free Max B!) plus production from The Hood Internet. This time, design squad Carne & Queso handled the visuals and wowee zoweee.Y’know what happens in this video? Everything. Ever. All the things. It’s like if the internet made love to the real world but was also cheating on it with Face from Nick Jr. and the title card of Saved By The Bell so you weren’t quite sure whose baby it was. Just look at that crazy 3D Keep Watch. Look at all that delicious, greasy food. They turned Rapewolf into Kuato. Why can’t I live in this video?! This is the third awesome Toothy Wavy track in a row (after “Been Told” and “A Kingdom“), and I already can’t wait for the next one."- Via Мишка

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