Thursday, March 15, 2012

Philly's psych rock quartet, Cheers Elephant, on tour in support of Like Wind Blows Fire! National release date pushed to May 8, 2012.

Tour dates and videos below.

"A sublime slice of upbeat sunshine pop that morphs into a brief kaleidoscopic freakout before settling back down again." - Mad Mackerel

Dubbed, "Chew It Up, Spit It Out, Rock And Roll," Cheers Elephant is a raw, rootsy, psychedelic pop rock quartet from Philadelphia, PA.  Digging deep into three-part harmonies and arranging songs that’ll make your dad’s toe tap, your mom’s hip shake, and your sister’s heart throb.  A style reminiscent of The Kinks combined with a sensibility of the modern age, the group’s signature sound bleeds with British flare, American gusto, and all under the umbrella of catchy pop rock.   

Nominated as the best acts in the tri state area of 2011 by Tri State Indie, Cheers is about to one-up themselves with their next LP Like Wind Blows Fire. An album already receiving critical acclaim from the likes of former Talking Heads, David Bowie, and King Crimson member, Adrian Belew as “fucking brilliant."

Sharing the stage with such greats as Chubby Checker (see video below), Devo, DMC, The Go! Team, and The Spinto Band, Cheers Elephant impresses with a live show that feels like a cross between David Bryne, Animal of the Muppets, and far-out impulses equivalent to evangelicals speaking in tongue.  Cheers Elephant is channeling something close to the devil, God, or cocaine.

Watch the video for "Falling Out" at YouTube

Watch Cheers Elephant and Chubby Checker perfom "The Twist" at YouTube

March Tour Dates: 

03.13 · Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land
03.14 · Austin, TX - The Aquarium
03.15 · Austin, TX - Weirdo's
03.16 · Austin, TX - Kenny's Backyard BBQ
03.18 · Austin, TX - Head Hunters Pub
03.22 · Denver, CO - Lion's Lair
03.23 · Fort Collins, CO - Idaho House
03.24 · Des Moines, IA - The Fremont
03.28 · Milwaukee, WI - Puddler's Hall
03.29 · Madison, WI - The Frequncy
03.30 · Chicago, IL - Elbo Room


Having toured the North East and Mid West exclusively, Cheers is now expanding everywhere East of the Continental Divide, including SXSW this spring and setting their sights on the West Coast and Europe shortly after.  

With a friendship dating back to kindergarten and including two cousins, the group possesses chemistry akin to a well-oiled machine running at break-neck speed.  So why not take a sip of Cheers Elephant? The buzz is good…

Artist - Cheers Elephant
Album Like Wind Blows Fire
Release Date - May 8, 2012
Label - s/r


01. Peoples
02. Doin' It, Right
03. Falling Out
04. Leaves
05. Party On Darwin
06. Get YA!
07. Thought and Commonsense
08. Little Dog
09. Like Wind Blows Fire
10. Balloon In The City

"When it comes to psychedelic indie rock bands, Cheers Elephant are often regarded as one of the best that our scene has to offer." 
- Bill McThrill, The Deli Magazine

"A band out of time. Cheers Elephant enjoys the acid-soaked sound of a Kinks B-side (pre-Don't Forget to Dance) with an ear for arrangement and production made possible by the electric age. Their guitars make spaceship sounds as they melt your body into a vinyl pressing of their latest EP." 
- Philadelphia Weekly

"Cheers Elephant, on their part, have managed to avoid the lo-fi cliche-in-the-making, for example. They could have easily gone in that we’re-hip-but-not-too-hip, we-wanna-make-pop-songs-without-actually-doing it route, but instead opted for the apparently passe we-spent-more-than-a-weekend-on-it production style. Their performances are tight; the new CD is crisp, clear and polished, and betrays a steady hand at the console while still singing about acid. Keep it up, guys." 
Cameron Sima, Philly Broadcaster

"Known for their eccentric shows and British sound, this Philly local psychedelic, folk, rock band will have you intrigued from the very moment they step onto the stage. Often compared to the Kinks and Dr. Dog, Cheers Elephant has established a dense following both locally and otherwise." 
- Helen Leicht, WXPN 

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