Thursday, March 22, 2012

HOLY MOSES New Song Preview Available

Available May 22nd on SPV/Steamhammer

In 2011 Sabina Classen and her HOLY MOSES men secretly locked themselves into the Absurd Studio in Hamburg, Germany to start the recordings for the "30th Anniversary - In The Power Of Now" double album. The new drummer Gerd Lücking (GiftDwarf / ex-Rebellion) took care of the drum tracks on the new record. The album will have new versions of 20 of the most important songs of the 30 years of HOLY MOSES history plus 2 brand new songs.

Today HOLY MOSES has released a one minute audio preview from one of the new songs from 30th Anniversary - In the Power of Now. The song entitled "Borderland" can be heardHERE.

The band got together in late summer of 1980 in Aachen, Germany. Despite a number of line-up changes in the course of their career, HOLY MOSES have distinguished themselves through a high degree of musical consistency and downright disarming physical energy. They have been touring Europe regularly with thrash classics such as Finished With The DogsThe New Machine Of Liechtenstein and World Chaos. When the international thrash scene experienced a perceptible slump in the early Nineties, Sabina Classen took time out from HOLY MOSESand founded Temple Of The Absurd. Based on a new lyrical and musical approach, she released two albums with her new band and reactivated HOLY MOSES at the beginning of the new millennium, followed by numerous shows all over the world, performances at important festivals such as the W:O:A and With Full Force, the Pusam Festival in South Korea, and the release of successful recordings such as Disorder Of The Order (2002), Strength, Power, Will, Passion (2005) and Agony Of Death (2008).

HOLY MOSES are alive and kicking and are set to cheat the grim reaper for years to come!

"30th Anniversary - In The Power Of Now" will be released through SPV/Steamhammer in Germany on April 20th, in Europe on April 23rd and in the USA/Canada on May 22nd as a high class digipak with an extensive booklet feat. liner notes, rare photos and much more.


CD 1
1. Clash My Soul
2. Jungle Of Lies
3. Finished With The Dogs
4. Symbol Of Spirit
5. World Chaos
6. SSP
7. Borderland (brand new song)
8. Lost In The Maze
9. Walpurgisnight
10. Welcome To The Real World
11. Near Dark

CD 2
1. Reborn Dogs
2. DefCon II
3. I Feel Sick
4. Nothing For My Mum
5. Disorder Of The Order
6. Corroded Dreams
7. Entering The Now (brandnew song)
8. Creation Of Violation
9. Panic
10. Decapitated Minds
11. Master Of Disaster  

LIVE 2012:

27./28.04. D-Hauzenberg - Walpurgis Metal Days (Official Holy Moses Release Party)

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