Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yuksek “Off The Wall” Single & DJ Harvey Remix Out Now!

 Lyrically, he often expresses those feelings of solitude, though, musically, the results may be best enjoyed in a room wall-to-wall with sweaty skin.”
-- USA Today “PopCandy”

Yuksek (aka Pierre-Alexander Busson) released the “Off The Wall single in the US! Combining infectious dance-floor beats with catchy pop hooks, the French electro-pop composer creates a sound teeming with energy. The single includes four unique remixes of the pop gem including one from Brodinski which RCRD LBL called “a killer redux”. For another taste of the single, check out DJ Harvey’s synth-heavy remix, streaming hereor grab the full package on Beatport. Feel free to post and share the remix.

Yuksek’s “Off The Wall” single includes a dreamy remix from Cubic Zirconia, full of heavy beats and ghostly echoing vocals. The Pelican Fly remix features a series of varying beats and time signatures, keeping listeners on their toes while it builds from a slow start to a quick, danceable beat, and then back again. His latest album, Living On The Edge Of Time, released February 14th on Ultra Records, received widespread praise from the likes of USA TodayMashable & Time Magazine, among others. Stay tuned for more news and US tour dates from Yuksek coming soon!

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