Monday, February 27, 2012

THE INTERSPHERE and VENGEANCE New Albums Streaming on AOL Music

Tomorrow sees the release of two highly anticipated releases from both SPV/Steamhammer and Long Branch Records. VENGEANCE is releasing Crystal Eye on SPV/Steamhammer and THE INTERSPHERE are releasing Hold On, Liberty! via Long Branch Records. In conjunction with these releases, AOL Music is hosting Full Album Listening Parties for both the albums.

VENGEANCE - Crystal Eye

Dutch rock legend VENGEANCE is back with a musical bang: almost three years after their most recent studio album "Soul Collector", their latest recording Crystal Eye is ready for release and is set to delight all fans of the band's straightforward, timeless hard rock. Vocalist Leon Goewie promises eleven haunting new songs which forge an arch between the group's glorious past - documented by the return of the legendary band logo from the cult recordings "We Have Ways To Make You Rock" and "Take It Or Leave It" - and their future-oriented present.  

The album's sensational all-star cast is just as spectacular as the new material: alongside original vocalist Leon GoewieCrystal Eye features drummer Chris Slade (ex- AC/DC), guitarist Keri Kelli (ex- Alice Cooper), bassist Chris Glen (ex- Michael Schenker Group), and guest guitaristTimo Somers (son of VENGEANCE guitarist Jan Somers, who sadly passed away in January 2011). "More than ever before, this is a band which consists of friends," comments Goewie, whose excellent reputation as an exceptional vocalist made this impressive line-up possible: Goewie, Slade, Glen and Kelli also form the nucleus of AC/DC cover band Chris Slade`s Steel Circle who rock the popular clubs whenever their time allows it.  

Crystal Eye was produced by Michael Voss, who composed most of the songs in collaboration with Goewie. The title track was penned by former Vengeance guitarist Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One), and Tony Martin (ex- Black Sabbath) contributed 'Whole Lotta Metal'tailor-made for Goewie and Vengeance. The album closes with the instrumental 'Jan`s End Piece' which features the last guitar solos recorded by Jan Somers before his unexpected death.   

THE INTERSPEHRE - Hold On, Liberty!

On Hold on, Liberty the band has developed their style between boundless energy, rigorously complex songwriting and melodic esthetics. And almost irreverently, they succeed in giving their catchy melodies and rousing songs true depth and complexity.  On top of all this, they capped their perfectionist tendencies by recording the entire album - in seven days - completely live in the studio.  No corrections and no fixed edges - making this a subtly warm and engaging listen for realists as well as dreamers alike.

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