Monday, February 20, 2012

New video from Мишка + Isaiah Toothtaker

Isaiah Toothtaker - Hyperbolic Chamber Music from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

"In case you missed it, we dropped the posse cut to end all posse cuts yesterday, a 22 minute banger that brought together almost 30 rappers to murder the ill beat courtesy of Ryan Hemsworth. We really wanted to make a video for the whole thing, but we all agreed that we just didn’t have the time in our schedules to go to the Oscar Ceremony to collect our inevitable award. Thankfully, Isaiah Toothtaker (and, it seems, a dread-less Murs) whipped up this video for his section of Hyperbolic Chamber Music, which we’re premiering here.

Toothtaker, figurehead of the Machina Muerta crew, is also collaborating with us on Toothy Wavy. What’s that? Why, its the collaborative release between Toothtaker and the incarcerated Max B, featuring all original production by The Hood Internet...'' "...look out for Toothy Wavy in the coming months."-via MishkaBloglin

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