Tuesday, February 14, 2012


As previously announced, DARK NEW DAY--Clint Lowery (guitarist from Sevendust), Will Hunt (drummer from Evanescence), Troy McLawhorn (guitarist from Evanescence), Brett Hestla (lead singer/guitarist from Virgos Merlot) and Corey Lowery (bassist from Stereomud and Eye Empire)—will release their highly anticipated sophomore album, NEW TRADITION, February 28 on Goomba Music (distributed by eOne Music). 

To make the release extra special, the band is offering a bonus track to fans who buy the full album and send in a photo of themselves holding the CD or a digital photo of their purchase online.  A MP3 of “Rising Sun” will be available for a limited time only (February 28 through March 6).  Photos can be e-mailed to DND@goombamusic.com or mailed to Goomba Music, 6348 N. Milwaukee Ave., Suite 301, Chicago, IL 60646 (must be postmarked by March 6).  Goomba Music will then e-mail the song to the fans directly.

“’Rising Sun’ is a cool tune in the history of DND,” explains drummer Will Hunt.  “We actually said before writing it, in not so many words, let's write as basic a rock song as we can for the sake of doing it because we can.  It’s kinda getting back to our formidable ‘roots.’  It's really just about getting in your car, crankin' up some jams, and headin' out to get rowdy with your friends.  Very different for us lyrically and stylistically.”

NEW TRADITION is the follow-up to 2005’s debut album, TWELVE YEAR SILENCE, which was released on Warner Bros. Records.  In 2006, the band released THE BLACK PORCH ACOUSTIC SESSIONS EP after being on tour for over a year with Chevelle, Seether, Crossfade, and many others.  After the EP’s release, they got to work on what would eventually be their second album, known at the time as HAIL MARY.  Going through many employee and management changes, Warner Bros. decided to release the band from their contract, leaving the HAIL MARY album to be unreleased.  It was at this point that DARK NEW DAY went on a hiatus, with the members either returning to their previous bands or venturing out into new projects.

The fire for new DARK NEW DAY material continued to burn in both the band members and the diehard fan base alike.  The band came together in 2011 to compile tracks from HAIL MARY, along with newly written and recorded songs, for a special album which will be released as a "Thank You" to all the loyal fans that have continued to follow the band and request more material from the group.

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