Thursday, August 16, 2007

So Many People: The New Neurosonic Video Featured On MySpace

Bodog Music recording group Neurosonic is taking Hollywood horror to a whole new level, joining forces with director Lex Halaby (Cobra Starship, Killswitch Engage, Hoobastank, As I Lay Dying) to bring audiences the scathing new video for So Many People off their album “Drama Queen”. The So Many People video will be featured on MySpace August 16th.

“Working with Lex Halaby on the video for so many people was amazing,” exclaims frontman Jason Darr. “He had a real vision. Absolutely every detail of the shoot was so professional. His artistic vision is so close to ours that it made him the perfect person for the job. I can't wait to do another video with him.”

MySpace has chosen the So Many People video to be featured in two places on the site on Thursday, August 16, 2007. The video will take the featured spot on MySpace TV Hot Video and on MySpace Music Videos featured Rock Video. The band took the notice of MySpace as their homepage continues to become a hot bed of information on the band. With the page garnering over 3,500+ plays a day with comments and friend requests pouring in, the band landed in the Top 100 Alternative Bands on the MySpace charts at #65 .

Neurosonic is taking this summer very seriously and their single, So Many People, is receiving a killer response from radio. Neurosonic has been pummeling the audiences of the Family Values Tour where they play the second slot on the main stage daily at 3:10 pm along with Korn and Evanescance . Neurosonic is the Family Values Tour’s newcomers and is generating a serious buzz. The first time summer festival band is playing to massive crowds daily and spends over an hour and a half at each show signing autographs and meeting fans. Many of the tour’s musicians have reportedly put it into their schedule to come see the band’s set day to day. All of this is happening while their brand new music video is set to hit TV and computer screens nationwide.

The video, like the song, is a brutal attack on fabricated performers. Drawing influence from the Ashley Simpson "jig" botch-job on Saturday Night Live, frontman Jason Darr was so fed up by the throngs of lip-synchers, with stylists choreographing mainstream music mega hits that he laid it on the line with his lyrics for So Many People . This video’s performance is filled with the fury and angst in the lyrics as it takes audiences on a twisted journey. As the video shadows one of LA’s finest A-list look-a-likes into their nightlife antics, paparazzi fleeing and red carpet gloating, audiences are shocked with a surprise disturbing ending that will cause a gasp or two.

On the topic of the video, Jason Darr states: "So Many People is a song about a phony... and this video hits the nail on the head. The vision that the band has of itself is realized, and the vision that the band has of phonies is also made as clear as it can be... let the hunting begin."

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