Thursday, August 9, 2007


Sage Francis' Strange Famous Records to release it in America.

Buck 65 was on the tip of everyone's tongues in 2005 with his critically acclaimed record, This Right Here is Buck 65, a collection of songs from 5 previous works, that was lauded by Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Blender, the New York Times, CMJ, Alternative Press, URB, XLR8R, Remix, and Magnet, among others. While Buck 65 found great success in America, his label V2 was on it's last leg and following his record's release, they folded. While waiting to get through the music business red tape, he made a record with revered band Tortoise (which saw no American release due to the label closing), moved to Paris, fell in love, scored a film, won a Juno (he also co-hosted said awards show with Pamela Anderson) and toured the globe. He settled in after all that and made his most realized work yet- Situation, out on Strange Famous Records/ Warner Brothers worldwide this October 30th.

Strange Famous Records is a new endeavor from renowned musician and savvy businessman, Sage Francis. To those in the know, Sage Francis and Buck 65 openly had the reputation as being foes for a time. Coming full circle, the two are now good friends and Sage Francis, as Buck 65's biggest advocate, lobbied to release Situation in the United States on his label. After much perseverance, Warner Brothers worldwide gave Sage Francis permission.

Situation will serve as Buck 65's first LP to be released in the United States since his blow up from This Right Here is Buck 65. In basing the record around the many defining events of 1957, Situation recognizes the true creation of underground and independent culture that happened 50 years ago and the enticing idea that we are on the cusp of a similar renaissance. And while Buck 65's music is truly defined by it's own genre, Situation is a raw and powerful return to classic hip-hop delivered in Buck 65's prolific and seasoned style.

Music, bio, art and interview all available upon request.

"Buck 65 has touches of Tom Waits and Beck but an intelligence and humor that are all his own". - NY TIMES

"This oddly captivating country-rap hybrid of an album suggests we're entering a new frontier in hip-hop, with Buck as the foremost pioneer."-ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

"His albums are vivid beatscapes full of dirt road narratives & grizzled rhymes, from up-tempo bangers to impressionistic slow ones" -ROLLING STONE

"After hearing Terfry defend a white-trash beauty and celebrate the local fishing hole, U.S. listeners are gonna like this boy after all."-ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"Buck 65 is a one-man genre that seems a much better idea than rap-metal. He also looks quite dapper in a three piece suit."-XLR8R

"While inventing voices, Buck ingeniously borrows from dub, metal, and country to capture his character's woozy worlds. Welcome, finally, to his."-BLENDER

"Unlike his onetime affiliates in the underground hip-hop collective Anticon, Buck flaunts not gawkiness but taut couplets."-SPIN

"With his Tom Waits growl, willingness to rock, and innovative wordplay, you can set aside all the Great White North jokes"-MAXIM

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