Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pieta Brown hits the stage with new album forthcoming!

Pieta Brown Tour dates
8/8 Minneapolis, 400 Bar
8/11 Minneapolis, 400 Bar
8/12 Minneapolis, 400 Bar
8/25 Perry, Iowa, Hometown!
8/31 Decatur, GA, Eddie’s Attic
9/1 Raleigh, NC, Hidwaway BBQ
10/21 Northport, AL, Kentucky Festival of the Arts

Early reviews from No Depression, American Songwriter, Popmatters, MOG and more!

Pieta Brown’s new album, Remember the Sun, is a perfect blend of hip, dark, indie rock, and traditional, southern, Americana. Pieta’s bold lyrics and brilliant songwriting set her apart, and her latest full-length is a showcase for her talent.

The daughter of two preachers' kids, Pieta Brown spent her childhood in Iowa and Alabama amidst a very musical family. In her bare-bones bohemian upbringing in Iowa there was no electricity or running water and it was here that Pieta was first exposed to a wealth of traditional and rural folk music through her father - two-time Grammy nominee Greg Brown, whose songs have been covered by the likes of Willie Nelson. Later, while spending time in the deep south of Birmingham, Alabama with her full-time working mother, Pieta drew on all these influences and began writing poetry then eventually moved into the world of songwriting.

By the time she hit her early 20s she had already gained a local reputation as a gifted performer and it wasn't too long before she came to the attention of Lucinda Williams' guitarist and bandleader Bo Ramsey. He subsequently co-produced Pieta's 2005 album, In The Cool – a debut release that was named one of the year's best by It also broke on to the AAA radio chart and eventually resulted in a collaboration with hipster band Calexico.

Remember The Sun is delivered with a solid Memphis punch that brings to mind the best of Cat Power or Shelby Lynne, yet never loses sight of the traditional musical forms Pieta grew up with. Lyrically and musically poetic, Brown's deceptive simplicity and seductive purity combine to create songs that meet somewhere between Johnny Cash and Neko Case. On each and every track the touches of old-school folk, soul and country are clear, but they are given the modern twist of a Jeff Buckley or the latter-day Loretta Lynn.

What is obvious throughout Remember The Sun is that Pieta Brown is a songwriter of great depth who stands head and shoulders above most of her contemporaries. Her themes are timeless, and her delivery is flawless. Remember the Sun will be released on September 25th, from One Little Indian Records.

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