Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bear Hands Debut Golden EP/ Fearless TV/ September Pianos Residency

"Riveting, devil-may-care rock" -Spin.com

"This is a melodic, guitar driven band that sounds perhaps like a less spastic Detachment Kit. Anyway,
I'm putting these guys on my "band to watch" list. I want to hear and see more, for sure."

"Keep an eye on these cubs..." -Ny2lon

"Bear Hands proudly carry the "classic" indie-rock torch, but with respectful nods (headbangs, perhaps?)
to the best — and catchiest — '90s alt-rock. Live, the young Brooklyn quartet enthusiastically trumps
seasoned elders, forcing the most jaded NYC concertgoers to uncross their arms." –Flavorpill

Tell All Your Friends is thrilled to announce the arrival of Bear Hands! Brooklyn’s up and coming indie-rock impresarios
bring us the “Golden EP” (Out November 13th). With titles such as “Sickly Brunette” and “Bad Blood”, this 4-song EP
features themes from the ironic and sublime to the punchy and powerful. Bear Hands’ music harkens back to the wit
and weariness of the days when Pavement reigned supreme, (think “Box Elder”). And to help anticipate the coming of
this debut, Bear Hands’ will be the featured performance on the Fox Network’s Fearless TV (Air date August 25th).
OMG! National TV already? Well just wait for the EP! Bear Hands will win the hearts all (and claws) of everyone.

In August 2006, Dylan Rau (vocals/guitar) brought together Ted Feldman (guitar), Val Loper (bass) and TJ Orscher
(drums) in a small NYC practice space. The original plan was to flesh out some demos Rau had been working on but
each quickly saw and heard the potential for a band; a band that would be unique sounding yet widely accessible.

Focusing on the rhythm and percussion that Orscher and Loper bring, they strive to bring the driving beat to the
foreground and to marry it with the contemplative lyrics of Rau and inventive guitar lines of Feldman. This musical
creativity combines and combats ideas set forth by pioneers of the rock genre.

The band are already being championed by the underground , indeed they have just been featured as a Great NYC
Band You Need To Check Out in L magazine's Music Issue, and they have filmed 4 songs for the new series of
Fearless Music.

Bear Hands have just recorded their debut ep with producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Pelican). This 4 song ep,
entitled the “Golden ep”, will be released on Freedom In Exile and will be available on: itunes and napster; old school
compact disc at fine independent retailers and at their many upcoming live shows; and even older school mail order
via their myspace page.


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