Thursday, August 16, 2007

Calvin Harris Will Be Wrecking NYC & LA This September

Like Lily Allen, Klaxons, Jack Penate, Kate Nash, Jamie T, Calvin Harris is part of those 'myspace sensations' breakouts you keep reading about. He was wildly popular amongst The Kids and The Club Scene, a cult producer-slash-singer-slash-bedroom-knob-twiddler who can make the banging-est of pop-dance tunes out of bugger-all kit. The last time he spent any money on gear was three years ago, when he bought a voice processor for £200. "I'm not the kind of dude who buys Sound
On Sound. I know if something sounds nice. If it does, I'll keep it." And does he ever - he keeps it throughout his first full length 'I Created Disco' releasing on Almost Gold Recordings September 4th.

"Don't let the date in its title or its blinded-with-science synthesizers fool you, Calvin Harris' single "Acceptable in the '80s" isn't really an ode to that era. Instead the bedroom producer's single (and the rest of the LP) sounds more like a love note to alterna popsters from the decade that followed, like Harvey Danger and the New Radicals. All the elements are there: detached vocals, overeducated/understimulated slacker lyricisms. And I'm fucking with it! " Fader

"a smart and very self-aware record that takes on lame stereotypes and teases them out using the same pop formulas that have suited Daft Punk, LCD Sound System and early Basement Jaxx" XLR8R

Come party with Calvin and hear for yourself @ the following shows:
9/12: NYC @ Mercury Lounge
9/14: Los Angeles @ The Echo

“None too shy, this guy -- Calvin called his first record I Created Disco (reasonable) and the falsettofied, spirit-of-LCD ‘Merrymaking At My Place’ is getting quite the roll-out.” STEREOGUM

“Calvin Harris' I Created Disco is a promising release, one which frolics in some interesting genres.... The Datarock-inspired track ‘Acceptable In The 80's’...still remains to be my jam. Yes, it also leaves me kicking myself that I was not a child born in the 80's. If I were, I would have love and hugs from Calvin.” TRIPWIRE

.....and in other Calvin news that has been making headlines all over the world: on the other side of the pond, mothers are locking their children inside as Calvin prepares the English country side for a night of calvin-esque house parties:

- In the spirit of Calvin Harris and with the help of his UK fans, the Brits will attempt to set a new world record for the most house parties happening simultaneously across their country than ever before. On the evening of the 18th of August Calvin has invited his fans to hold their own Calvin Harris inspired parties. Anything goes, from a neon nu-rave extravaganza to a boozy barbeque to a girls’ night in, every house party will count towards creating a glittering trail of house parties from Bournemouth to Dumfries.

Calvin himself will take part in the festivities, embarking on a party crawl and ending his evening playing an acoustic set at the best house party of the night. The fan that creates the most inspired and creative party of the night will not only win a live performance from Calvin in their house but will also receive £1,500 prize money. -

The Telegraph went as far as to write an article about the house party phenom, "No Calvin, not in MY house": 'Touch wood, I am immune from one of the most terrifying prospects of the summer. This new menace is not another bout of freak weather but a marketing idea to promote the new single by 23-year-old DJ Calvin Harris'

'I Created Disco' Is Available September 4, 2007 on Almost Gold Records

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