Thursday, August 23, 2007

MVD Entertainment and GENITORTURERS are excited to announce the GENITORTURERS LIVE DVD release!

!!Just in time for DEVILS NIGHT! In stores OCT 30th-2007!!

The infamous GENITORTURERS have partnered with MVD to release their first ever in concert production titled "LIVE IN SIN" delivering their exclusive brand of rock music and on-stage mayhem that has earned them worldwide notoriety for over a decade.True to their tradition the band has put together a highly entertaining and artistic live presentation that is up close and personal, giving the viewer a true sense of "being there.

This DVD features 10 intense live music videos with excellent sound quality including 3 unreleased LIVE versions of new songs set to debut on the bands 2008 album. Those who have seen a Genitorturers show know what they are getting and consistently come back for more ... Offer your gift of submission and be rewarded with this live "Shock Rock" carnival sure to capture your soul and leave you begging for more! Bonus materials include rare Japanese SIN CITY promo video, out takes
from the bands Hu$tler shoot, candid interviews, raucous backstage and behind the scenes fun, and even a little whisky drinkin' and mud wrestlin' thrown in for good measure. "LIVE IN SIN" is sure to be a hit with long time fans and newcomers alike!

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