Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Little Name arrives Oct. 23 with debut LP, How to Swim and Live!

Sleepy Records is proud to announce the release of one this year’s most stunning debuts, How to Swim and Live, from the Liverpool one-man-band, Little Name. It’s an astonishing LP, with Little Name wunderkind Lee Barker playing every instrument (save guitar on one song and female vocals, of course), including strings and horns, and crafting sweet, orchestral Bacharach-tinged indie pop in the vein of Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura.

How to Swim And Live was conceived, played, recorded and mastered by Liverpudlian Lee Barker, the songwriter behind Little Name. Lee created How to Swim And Live after many years of suffering with panic attacks that kept him isolated at home. Unable to play live, LIttle Name has garnered a following through various electronic means and thusly found the confidence to talk about a problem that affects many who are often too afraid and embarrassed to speak up.

Not part of any scene or band lineage, Little Name’s songs can arguably be said to be in bubble of its own making. Being away from the usual influences and stresses of band life has given the songs a different perspective that isn’t usually heard from Merseyside artists. This makes Little Name a unique prospect.

Underneath the bright Indie-pop are lyrics that explore ideas of openness and vulnerability, isolation and joy with a wit and humor belying their meaning. After eight years of isolation, Lee was searching for greater themes, songs that said something and said something about his life. How to Swim and Live was the answer: songs of unrequited love, lost lives, anxiety and finding inclusion in life. These are songs to cherish, songs that let you know that someone out there is feeling and struggling with the same things you are.

After sending out demos to record labels, music blogs and various people who have asked for copies of the songs on CD, Lee sent a CD to indiepages.com in the U.S.A. (a website that draws fans of indie music from across the globe). Little Name was made Demo of the Week (which then stretched to the fortnight and then the month). In that time Sleepy Records owner Ann come across the Little Name songs and instantly thought they would be perfect for her new record label. Through determination and without a meeting or even a phone call between them Ann & Lee have managed to release a true internet age record: people of like minds crossing the globe to create.

Artist MySpace: http://myspace.com/littlename2

Artist website: http://littlename.co.uk

Label website: http://www.sleepyrecords.com

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