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Seattle's Jupe Jupe shares video in advance of March 4 release.

Seattle synth-poppers Jupe Jupe share new video in advance of March 4 release, Crooked Kisses.


Jupe Jupe - "Pieces of You" via Surviving The Golden Age

Photo: Mandy McGee

"Jupe Jupe evoke the sinister pop trend of the eighties, but twist the plot line into something more obscure.  The result is surreal and unemotionally bleak, melancholy with a strong beat."
Carena Liptak, Buzz & Howl

With waves of haunting synthesizers, crooning vocals, jagged guitars and pulsating beats, Jupe Jupe creates mournful pop music that moves.
The Seattle quartet introduces a darkly cinematic atmosphere in its latest release, Crooked Kisses' 10 infectious tracks about unrequited lust, love and heartache—influenced by British new wave, ’60s European spy films and lonely, ghost-town Americana. The band has crafted a dramatic soundscape that builds upon its previous two releases, Invaders and Reduction in Drag.
Click here or the image below to watch "Love To Watch You Fall" via Buzz & Howl

Teaming up once again with Martin Feveryear at Jupiter Studios (REM, Robert Fripp, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse), Jupe Jupe spent nearly two years finessing a collection of hooks, melodies and choruses into a singular vision for the Crooked Kisses album.

Jupe Jupe is made up My Young on vocals and synths, Bryan Manzo and Patrick Partington on guitars, and Jarrod Arbini on drums and percussion. The four members are veterans of the Seattle and Austin indie pop and prog scenes (Pleasurecraft, The Cinematics [U.S.], Maximum Coherence During Flying).

Jupe Jupe - "Pieces of You" via Surviving The Golden Age

Previous Press for Jupe Jupe:
“…anyone with even a passive appreciation for expertly applied, fluid synth riffs, drama-filled vocals, infectious pop choruses, and deft dance-rock grooves will be able to ease right into Reduction in Drag” ALLMUSIC
“The band’s sound is as much a throwback to older glam and analog times as it is a modern update for new listeners. Equal parts dark and danceable, Jupe Jupe is a band to watch.” MAGNET MAGAZINE
“Reduction in Drag, sees the band throwing its influences into the proverbial blender and mashing the puree button. Clearly, Jupe Jupe has honed its sound, and the end result is an enjoyable blend of the Strokes, Simple Minds and Duran Duran, with a slight hint of ‘70s prog.” POPMATTERS
“Coolly campy, exquisitely wrought electro-pop.” THE STRANGER
”Jupe Jupe deliver their pop punch with a heavy dose of electro-casual finesse…Bits of glam are lipsticked on to some of the songs, giving them a nice edge, and the guitar hits with perfect shots of electricity.” BIG TAKEOVER
“It’s still Day 1 of SXSW Muzak, but so far my favorite discovery has been Seattle’s Jupe Jupe, a dark-lit synthpop quartet…” THE BOSTON PHOENIX
“..weird and wonderful…well worth searching out.” MY OLD KENTUCKY BLOG

Artist -  Jupe Jupe
Album - Crooked Kisses
Release Date - March 4, 2014
Label -  Jupe Jupe Music
1. Pieces Of You
2. Never Ask Why
3. Love To Watch You Fall

4. Whispers Kill
5. All The Things We Made
6. Autumn October
7. Vicariously
8. Darkness
9. Hollow
10. New Stars In The Sky

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