Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pony Boy 'The Devil In Me' EP Out 3/4, Drops MP3

Pony Boy

The Devil In Me EP Drops March 4th

Listen: “Happy Ever After” MP3

Her blend of country, blues, and rock might just make her the next big crossover artist…”  VICE
“ …an all-original junkyard country meets southern gothic soul sound.” – Lucky 

Photo credit: Andrea Behrends

Pony Boy aka Marchelle Bradanini is a Nashville transplant and singer-songwriter extraordinaire who brings pop songwriting sensibility to the dark and ominous side of Americana. Having released several singles over the past few yearsPony Boy is excited to announce The Devil In Me EP on March 4th, recorded to tape in the Music City!
The Devil In Me represents a unique twist on old-school storytelling in Marchelle’s simmering voice accented by the sounds of vintage instrumentation. Driving percussion on “Happy Ever After” opens the floor to Marchelle’s vocals, which captivate while barely rising above an intimate whisper. The “Happy Ever After” MP3 premiered with NPR’sWNYC, and is available HERE to post & share.
One Man Show” brings both vintage bass buzz and sultry yet effortless belting to the center stage. “The Wanderer,” showcases signature gasping vocals and wisps of guitar distortion, telling of friends and lovers lost, while “Easy Money” combines baroque chimes and country songwriting with a desolate twist as Marchelle begs,“Tell me lord there’s something more.”
Inspired deeply by her move from the West Coast to “Music City” in Nashville, to write Marchelle calls, “the simple songs about those feelings of longing for someone you can’t hold onto or seem to let go of against one’s better judgment,” The Devil In Me is filled with stark and lonely moments that in turn let the listener feel a little less alone. Having recorded with producers Adam Landry & Justin Collins (Deer Tick, Middle Brother, Diamond Rugs, T. Hardy Morris) as well as Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick) and won over audiences and critics alike with her beautifully eerie sound, Pony Boy releases her southern gothic soul to the world.

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