Friday, January 31, 2014

CLAN OF XYMOX Readies New Album... "MATTER OF THE MIND, BODY AND SOUL" out Feb. 11th!

To Accompany Metropolis Records Release

Matters of the Mind, Body and Soul 
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Just days prior to the biggest holiday of the season for love, CLAN OF XYMOX, a band known for delivering their signature melancholic style of songwriting, will release its 15th studio album, Matters of the Mind, Body and Soul on Metropolis Records onFebruary 11, 2014. The album is captivating in its approach, pooling the enigmatic magic, the voluptuous melodies and the foggy atmosphere to create an enviroment thick with the sense of tragic romance. In that, Matters of the Mind, Body and Soul melts into a coherent, harmonious and passionate album, delivering a timesless and deeply emotional gothic record.
In addition to the February release, Clan of Xymox will hit the road, starting with a pair of tour dates in Los Angeles before launching into a worldwide tour. Dates in the US are:
02/08/14 The Obscure Lounge Los Angeles, CA
02/09/14 Complex Los Angeles, CA

Clan of Xymox, formerly known as Xymox, formed in the Netherlands in 1983. In 1985 they would release their first of two studio albums on 4AD Records (Clan Of Xymox, 1985; Medusa, 1987). Xymox would release their next two albums (Twist of Shadows, 1989; Phoenix, 1991) as well as three 12-Inch records (Obsession, 1989; Imagination, 1989 and Blind Hearts, 1989) on Wing Records, a subsidary of PolyGram. "Obsession" would land itself on both the Billboard Alternative Songs and Billboard Club Play Charts, as "Imagination" would generate Top 40 Radio rotation. "Blind Hearts" would outshine the releases, finding its way to the Number One slot on the Billboard Club Play Charts. The album Twist of Shadows would go on to sell over 300,000 records worldwide. However founding member Ronny Moorings found himself unhappy with the band's direction and opted to experiment with different approach. The band would release two albums independently after the demise of Wing Records (Metamorphosis, 1992; Headclouds, 1993). Moorings reformed and reinstated the moniker Clan of Xymox in 1997, for the release of their full length album on Tess Records (Hidden Faces, 1997). Clan of Xymox would find their way to their present home at Metropolis Records, who would release the band's next eight, high profile albums (Creatures, 1999;Notes From The Underground, 2001; Farewell, 2003; Breaking Point, 2006; In Love We Trust, 2009; Darkest Hour, 2011;Kindred Spirit, 2012; Matters of The Mind, Body and Soul, 2014).
Clan Of Xymox will release Matters of the Mind, Body and Soul on Metropolis Records on February 11, 2014.

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