Thursday, January 30, 2014

DEATH shares live performance video from CYP2


Watch: DEATH performs "Keep On Knocking" live at Check Yo Ponytail 2 -

The punk-before-punk-existed band DEATH is proud to share a Trevor Banta-directed live performance video from their October 28th, 2013 performance at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. This is only the first in a series of live performance videos of DEATH at Check Yo Ponytail 2 so stay tuned for more.


Comprised of DJs, writers, visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, and filmmakers, IHEARTCOMIX understands culture and has influenced nightlife in Los Angeles for almost 10 years. Led by DJ/Illustrator Franki Chan, IHC has since taken their experience to new markets with special events and tours in multiple cities around the country and an expansive online media presence that includes film, TV, a record label, and a whole lot more. With a bigger team and new partnerships, IHEARTCOMIX will continue to define culture as it happens with new opportunities for the brands, labels, and artists we work with.

In addition to our IHC presents shows, IHEARTCOMIX has several ongoing event series that all have their own specific focus such as: OFF/ CNTR, Boogie Monster, Turnt On, IHC Sundays at Drai's, and our flagship event, Check Yo Ponytail an open genre party complete with several added elements that make it, "More Than A Show." IHEARTCOMIX has also produced events around the country with nationwide tours and branded parties at special engagements like SXSW, ULTRA, Comic Con, and Electric Forest.

With a strong appreciation of visual aesthetic and composition, the IHEARTCOMIX Creative Media department has been producing quality video and photo content for years. Our recently launched Youtube channel, IHC TV, features interviews, show recaps, music videos, our variety show IHC LIVE! and our ongoing Pitchfork.TV series,Live At Check Yo Ponytail. We've also started production on several TV and documentary film projects. Additionally, IHEARTCOMIX will be reviving the record label that originally brought you Matt & Kim and HEARTSREVOLUTION, but this time with a new name and a new twist. Launching as, 1NFINITY, the new label will focus on all digital releases with standardized art, original music video concepts from our in-house Media team, and exclusive merch collaborations that provide a complete release package utilizing all facets of the IHEARTCOMIX media universe.

While our branded experiences and original content are what makes us unique, IHEARTCOMIX has plenty of resources to make anyones vision a reality. With our production and media teams available for hire, IHEARTCOMIX is fully prepared to make any experience a memorable one. In the past, we've already created special events and programming for Playboy, Pabst, Fool's Gold Records, Beats by Dre, and Skyy Vodka with plans to create more lasting partnerships in the future.

In 2014, we will be entering our 10th year of operations at IHEARTCOMIX. To celebrate, we are planning continuous events and media releases all year long, leading up to the IHC10YR Festival, featuring a huge lineup of friends and colleagues we've met along the way. Expect tons of shows, tours, and video features to keep us moving forward into the next decade of IHEARTCOMIX. It is sure to be one of the wildest, action packed years to date.

About Check Yo Ponytail 2:

Check Yo Ponytail 2 is an open-genre, open-format party held monthly at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. The event has become known for highlighting some of today's top performers, with a few tried and true legacy acts in between. There's no doubt that Check Yo Ponytail 2 has played an integral part in the evolution of the modern music scene, supporting music that challenges the way we think about and enjoy culture in the day to day.

In the past, many of today's progressive artists including JusticeMatt & KimBoys Noize, and countless others made their Los Angeles debuts at a Check Yo Ponytail 2 event. CYP2 has since expanded beyond its home at the Echoplex through a series of specially branded events that include parties at SXSW, stage takeovers at Electric Forest, and the CYP Tour, a mobile version of the show that takes the full Check Yo production on the road.

While the lineups remain an integral part of the show going experience, it's the extended Check Yo Ponytail universe that make the parties "MORE THAN A SHOW" complete with live visuals, original flyer artwork, collaborative mixtapes, professional photo and video coverage, and online social media interactions that create an experience like no other

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