Friday, January 31, 2014

Chondritic Sound announces new releases for Hive Mind, Pure Ground + more


Chondritic sound is pleased to announce the following titles which are now available via

Hive Mind
Beneath Triangle and Crescent

Some of the most dark and industrious Hive Mind material to date, originally released on Heath Moerland's Fag Tapes imprint back in 2008. The more structured and rhythmic construction of these pieces is infused with an inspiration taken from 90s German and French heavy electronics projects like Dagda Mor, Inade, Derniere Volonte and Les Joyaux de la Princesse. Recorded heavily under the crushing presence of opiates, even the song titles themselves play a part in casting the negative shadow of this release. This contains some of Hive Mind's earliest forays into both melody and industrial rhythmic elements as the pieces drag, thud and shiver with a distinct energy not found in much of the earlier drone work. Auto-melodic tones come paired at times with crude, hand-hammered slews of notes while Holger's trademark synth-drone rumbles beneath like a kept beast. Each piece progresses to nastier and darker territory, erupting and collapsing at the end of the title track.

Standard edition of 413 on black vinyl.
Special edition of 86 on green vinyl with additional 20 minute cassette.
Artists edition of 23 on green vinyl with signed, numbered painting and additional 20 minute cassette.

Pure Ground

Pure Ground's follow-up to their debut "Daylight" finds the duo exploring darker, noisier territory with four new songs. Blurring the line between minimal synth and industrial music with a focus on external strife as it related inwards.

Omega Stamp

Hailing from the ruts and ruins of America's failed city of Industry, Siobhan's brand of rhythmic techno/industrial has more in common with the present decay and decline in Detroit than it does with the genre's innovators which the city is best known for. Siobhan opened the Detroit show I played last year, the first time I'd visited the city since moving to LA, and made quite an impression on me. Play is pressed and the lights dim as machined beats get smeared across the concrete with off-kilter loops by a cacophony of hum and his. Siobhan's Travis Galloway has crafted motorik musik as dismal and grimy as it is inspiring. After essential releases on conspirator and his own All Gone Tapes imprint, Chondritic is proud to present to you: OMEGA STAMP.

Sleep Clinic
A Chance, A Curse

Debut release from this project, one of the many that Jeff Swearengin has his hands in. I met Jeff at Show Cave (RIP) shortly after I moved to LA and we drank many a beer over our love of industrial music. My first exposure to his work was a trio of pieces he made in the wake of Peter Christopherson's passing and I was captivated at first listen. This release has been a long time in the works, the base tracks recorded before we met and re-worked over the past few years. "A Chance, A Curse" is over an hour and a half of dark, involved and enveloping drone music. Seamlessly blending the use of analog and digital technology to create atmospheres which evoke emotion without the use of melody.

Taking a Look at a Moment Lost

Cavern-borne ritualistic industrial music, with the pervasive atmosphere of damp, rotten sweat and incense. Bells chime, candles are lit and curses are muttered as drones swell and reverberate. Field recordings from another time, another place, not quite like the one we occupy. The tools are sharpened, the pyre is crackling, time stands still. 156 is Adel Souto.

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