Friday, November 18, 2011

Run Dan Run announce release of sophomore full-length 1/10/12!

Charleston's Run Dan Run announce national release of Normal January 10, 2012! Sharing "Lovesick Animal" today!
NEW MP3 (Cleared to post): Run Dan Run - "Lovesick Animal"
"...a band that shows shades of The Flaming Lips, The Postal Service, and Broken Social Scene in a sound that is filled with both atmospheric ingenuity and hook-filled melodic adeptness." - Mike Mineo / Obscure Sound

Run Dan Run, affectionately known as "RDR," began simply as a recording project amongst two friends, Dan McCurry and Nick Jenkins, in the spring of 2006. After hearing the initial recordings, Ash Hopkins expressed interest in being a part of the project. By the fall of 2006, Run Dan Run made it official as an indie rock band from Charleston, SC, performing regularly throughout the Southeast region.
In the summer of 2007, Run Dan Run released their full-length debut album, Basic Mechanics, and toured the eastern United States from Massachusetts to Mississippi in support of the record. Basic Mechanics first defined the honest, lyrically-driven indie rock that RDR is known for. 
NEW MP3: Run Dan Run - "Lovesick Animal"
In the winter of 2009, RDR released 27 Coming St., an acoustic EP revealing a disarmingly intimate side of Run Dan Run. The EP was recorded live in a living room, each song being performed only twice with the best take being kept.
In the summer of 2010, Run Dan Run began working on what would be their sophomore release, taking the next year off from touring to focus on recording. This album, titled Normal, picks up where Basic Mechanics left off, exploring darker subject matter over richer arrangements with the polished sound of a well-seasoned band. Normal both sounds and feels like an album, complete and comfortable in its skin. 

Artist - Run Dan Run
Album - Normal
US Release Date - January 10, 2012
Label - Hearts and Plugs

Track Listing:

01. Intro
03. Box-Type Love
04. False-Hearted Lover
05. Cut-Outs
06. Gestures & Patterns
07. Finger & Fist
08. Anonymous Girl
09. Spelling Words
11. In Parts

Previous Press for Run Dan Run:

"All 12 songs on their excellent debut, Basic Mechanics, were written by McCurry, being a fantastic display of his ability to both write and perform in a style that cannot be classified in a strict manner, but rather as a blend of likable artists whose reputation remains at a repectable high."
- Mike Mineo / Obscure Sound

"His voice is shaky and fragile, yet oddly compelling in an Emil Svanangen/Adrian Jewett type of way.  And though many will undoubtedly complain about his vocal flaws, his earnestness gives these songs a weight that they would lack otherwise."
- Cale Reneau / Audio Overflow

"There is a noticeable dissension in the band's songs. Like a car swerving between lanes, RDR's music is a scary ride that teeters between discord and symphonic. But the music is always rich in intelligent creativity. In the risky spirit of Broken Social Scene or Bright Eyes, RDR takes indie/grunge-pop to a surprisingly hypnotic height."
- The Post & Courier 

"Sometimes there is music where it is just necessary to sit back, sigh and relax to the songs in the stereo. Right from the beginning track of Run Dan Run’s latest release, it’s evident this album isn’t meant for those looking to pump their fists in the air and headbang along. The opening track, “Wasted Love,” is an ambient affair of soft guitars with mesmerizing drums and a wailing violin-piano combination that inhabits the back of the mind and makes its way through until you can’t help but bob your head along to the soft croons."
- Max Specht / Performer Magazine (on 27 Coming St.)

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