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Announces First 2008 Releases / North American Distro Through Ferret Music!

Blazing across the pond with such speed and ferocity that it made the Atlantic boil like the contents of a scolding hot cauldron, London's Siege of Amida Records is making the most bludgeoning Anglo-American pact by joining forces with Ferret Music. Like a pack of savage jackal's about to be unleashed on a meaty carcass, Siege of Amida and Ferret are proud to let loose the following artists that will thrust an onslaught onto eardrums everywhere.

In Waking: Divinity
(January 22nd, 2008)

The first in a set of bands ready to launch a flank attack from leftfield on the world of loud music will come on January 22 as The Breathing Process are set to drop their much anticipated LP In Waking: Divinity. Composed of a rabid hybrid of guttural growls mixed in with icy synth vapors, these New England lads have finally discovered a secret recipe which sees to it that power metal isn't just for pussies anymore. Brave Words For Bloody Knuckles says "Powerful, Epic, Immense, The Breathing Process are bringing vitality, darkness and a new level of brutality to the world of metalcore. World class stuff!" Shredding drums and cacophonous DEFCON 1 like melodies peppered with abrasive thrash metal, The Breathing Process, will have their names etched in stone for years to come and can be seen touring the States this January / February with The Classic Struggle, The Ghost Inside and From Graves Of Valor.

The Breathing Process US Tour!
Jan 4 2008 CLUB CRANNEL Poughkeepsie, New York
Jan 5 2008 THE SHOWCASE THEATER West Pittston, Pennsylvania
Jan 6 2008 THE SCHOOL Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jan 7 2008 PIRATE’S COVE Cleveland, Ohio
Jan 8 2008 THE HIGHFIVE BAR Columbus, Ohio
Jan 9 2008 YESTERDAY’S DRAUGHT HOUSE Wheeling, West Virginia
Jan 10 2008 THE FIREMAN’S LODGE Anderson, Indiana
Jan 11 2008 JT MUSIC Midlothian, Illinois
Jan 13 2008 GROUNDWORKS Leavenworth, Missouri
Jan 14 2008 MCGRAW’S Hutchinson, Kansas
Jan 16 2008 CLUB VEGAS Salt Lake City, Utah
Jan 18 2008 CLUB RETRO Orangevale, California
Jan 19 2008 THE CASTLE Salinas, California
Jan 21 2008 THE DOME Bakersfield, California
Jan 22 2008 THE EPIC LOUNGE Downey, California
Jan 23 2008 THE CELL BLOCK Mesa, Arizona
Jan 24 2008 THE COMPOUND Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jan 26 2008 DREAMWORLD MUSIC COMPLEX Arlington, Texas
Jan 27 2008 SNEAKERS San Antonio, Texas
Jan 28 2008 JAVA JUNCTION Houston, Texas
Jan 29 2008 THE DARKROOM Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jan 30 2008 AMERICAN LEGION POST 33 Pensacola, Florida
Jan 31 2008 SHRINER’S HALL Crestview, Florida
Feb 1 2008 ISLAND OASIS Winter Park, Florida
Feb 2 2008 LIFE POINT CHURCH Homestead, Florida
Feb 3 2008 THE MELBOURNE JAYCEES Melbourne, Florida
Feb 4 2008 TRANSITION’S ART GALLERY Tampa, Florida
Feb 5 2008 THE PIT Jacksonville, Florida
Feb 6 2008 SECTOR 7G Augusta, Georgia
Feb 8 2008 THE HIDEAWAY Johnson City, Tennessee
Feb 9 2008 THE BREWERY Raleigh, North Carolina
Feb 10 2008 STEPPIN OUT Virginia Beach, Virginia

(January 22nd, 2008)

"The Red Death have unleashed an utterly relentless, surgically precise neck-snapper of an album. If this doesn't quicken your pulse, check your vitals - you may be dead" – Metal Hammer. The Red Death is bracing for their sophomore release Godmakers (January 22nd) following much buzz among critics in 2007. With the dual riff goblin spawned by guitarists Aaron Conti and Mark Kelley placed alongside the fire-breathing voice of singer Paul Hamblin, The Red Death have created what is quite possibly the most powerful beast sired from a brutal tryst of speed metal and serrated hardcore.

Through the Eyes of Ahab
(March 4th, 2008)

Savannah, GA's A Girl A Gun A Ghost bring their powerful brand of hardcore punk (think a harder Paint it Black or a slowed down version of The Swarm) to the masses for some of the sickest and most pummeling breakdowns heard in ages. AGAGAG bring hardcore back to the glory days with their upcoming full length Through the Eyes of Ahab (March 4th)

The Partisan Turbine
(February 5th, 2008)

Last but far from least comes the self-titled album from Long Island's ThePartisan Turbine (out February 5th), who's rapid-fire, machine gun brand of speed-death leave bloodied corpses rotting in their wake. Fans of Discordance Axis take note, and prepare to have your face ripped clean off as these New York boys finally bring their local death-metal scene something to brag about once again.

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