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Teen Angst, Wit and a Killer Soundtrack Thrive in this
2007 Sundance Winner’s DVD Debut from HBO Video


NEW YORK, NY – HBO Video proudly announces the DVD debut of the award-winning theatrical release ROCKET SCIENCE, a wry fictional comedy of adolescent angst by Jeffrey Blitz, director of the Academy Award®-nominated documentary Spellbound. ROCKET SCIENCE stars Reece Daniel Thompson (Dreamcatcher) as a teenager tackling the mysteries of life, love and public speaking in this unconventional coming-of-age tale which debuted at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and took home the Dramatic Directing prize. ROCKET SCIENCE arrives on DVD January 29th ($27.95SRP) and includes a behind-the-scenes featurette, as well as a music video by film’s composer and singer/songwriter Eef Barzeley (Clem Snide).

After wowing the selection committee at Sundance, ROCKET SCIENCE went on to win the Best American Independent Film award at the Philadelphia Film Festival. The film also drew critical raves during its theatrical run earlier this year; USA Today called ROCKET SCIENCE “smart, witty and blessedly unpredictable,” Carina Chocano of the Los Angeles Times wrote, “Blitz’s script crackles with dialogue that’s sharp, brainy and exhilaratingly articulate,” and David Ansen of Newsweek called the film “sharp and painfully funny.” The film’s enduring theme rings true with critics and audiences alike, as Blitz successfully mixes humor with a compassionate regard for his characters and their idiosyncrasies.

Life is not easy for teenager Hal Hefner (Thompson) of suburban Plainsboro, New Jersey. His parents, Juliet (Lisbeth Bartlett) and Doyle (Denis O’Hare), have abruptly split; his older brother, Earl (Vincent Piazza) is a budding obsessive-compulsive who pushes him around; and Hal has an unpredictable stutter that makes high school an exercise in embarrassment, self-effacement and horrendous lunch periods. Given that his active mind and quick wit tend to be obscured by his problematic voice, Hal is not an obvious candidate for his school’s high-powered debate team. So it comes as a complete, though not unwelcome, surprise when the team’s star member, the hyper-articulate Ginny Ryerson (Anna Kendrick), requests that Hal replace her former partner on the team. With his new role, Hal starts to see new possibilities in his life. Perhaps he can tame his balky voice and become master of rhetoric. Perhaps he can succeed in love and win Ginny’s heart.

The ROCKET SCIENCE multi-faceted, original musical score was composed by singer/songwriter Eef Barzeley of the band Clem Snide, and has received critical praise of its own. The stand alone, original motion picture soundtrack was released on CD in August by Lakeshore Records, and includes the “gorgeous” (Los Angeles Times) music of Barzeley, as well as two tracks from the Violent Femmes, both featured in the film. As film critic Peter Travers noted in his Rolling Stone review, “Eef Barzeley, where have you been all my life?” The refreshingly original music of ROCKET SCIENCE only serves to strengthen the film’s ability to surpass the clichés of coming-of-age tales. In the vein of Rushmore, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Thumbsucker and The Squid and the Whale, ROCKET SCIENCE attains a “darkly clever” (USA Today) and unique perspective on perhaps the most challenging, and defining stage of life.

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE: “HBO First Look – Rocket Science” – a behind-the-scenes look into the making of Rocket Science, including interviews with cast and crew. An “I Love The Unknown” music video from singer/songwriter and soundtrack composer Eef Barzeley.

Rated: R
Street Date: January 29, 2007
SRP: $27.95
Running Time: 101 min. + bonus

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