Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Native Instruments Announces KORESOUND PACKS

Berlin, November 15th, 2007 - Native Instruments just announced KORESOUND PACKS, a new line of affordable high-quality sound packs for use in KORE 2, the innovative instrument host system. KORESOUND PACKS are carefully engineered sound collections that allow musicians of various genres to selectively expand the sonic scope of KORE 2, taking full advantage of its integrated sound engines and the advanced sound morphing, control and categorization features of the system. Four different KORESOUND PACKS are immediately available, and additional collections with original content will be released in the future.

Equipped with six seamlessly integrated instrument and effect engines from award-winnning products like ABSYNTH, FM8, GUITAR RIG, KONTAKT, MASSIVE and REAKTOR, KORE 2 represents an extremely versatile and highly expandable next-generation music workstation concept. The KORESOUND PACKS build on this aspect of the system by providing additional high-quality sound material that is immediately usable for professional studio production and live performance.

Each sound in every KORESOUND PACK comes with consistent parameter mapping for the high-resolution KORE controller, allowing users to fine-tune and tweak every sound quickly and intuitively. Up to eight pre-assigned sound variations for every preset also offer extended tonal depth and variety, and a complete set of musical attributes for the powerful KORE sound browser makes it easy to integrate the sound collections into an existing preset library.

The first four available KORESOUND PACKS are "Best-Of" selections based on existing sound libraries of several acclaimed NI products. This includes "Best of MASSIVE", featuring 200 KoreSounds taken from NI's powerful next-generation wavetable synthesizer; "Best of REAKTOR Vol. 1", a selection of cutting-edge electronic sounds from some of the most popular and unique REAKTOR ensembles; "Synthetic Drums Reloaded", an assortment of 10 highly contemporary electronic drum kits; and "'57 Drawbar Organ", a collection of sample-based sounds that represent a legendary tone-wheel organ, complete with individual drawbar controls.

All KORESOUND PACKS are available for $ 59 / EUR 49 as downloads in the NI Online Shop. Every owner of KORE 2 is also eligible for a free download ofone KORESOUND PACK of his choice.

More information on the KORESOUND PACKS range can be found at

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