Monday, November 19, 2007


Releases Debut, Digital and Vinyl Only Album "Decimal" (Vinyl Available through Magic Bullet Records January 2008)

Introducing the first recorded material from cult-worshipped vocalist Tracy Wilson of the legendary Dahlia Seed in ten years.

RINGFINGER, the aptly titled moniker for Wilson's project, and new album "Decimal," is a tricked out masterpiece featuring collaborations with members of Cave In, Isis. Sunno))) / Jessamine/ Fontanelle, Film School / N. Lannon, Dälek, Engine Down, Denali, Dead Waiter, Jah Division/ Soldiers of Fortune, Whisper & Wire, Eons/ Delegate and more, who's end result brings to mind the soul churning post-industrial dark-indie-pop along the lines of Bjork, female-fronted Postal Service or an electrocuted-Discount.

"Decimal" features production work by the legendary J Robbins and Oktopus of Dälek, a SunnO))) song you can actually sing along to, and ”Viking Funeral,” your favorite song of 2007, also a Norse tribute for the modern woman.

In the ashes one of punk rock's most important bands, rises the newest material from musician who made it all possible.

"Decimal" Tracklist:
1. Typewriter Tourist (Feat. Cam DiNunzio of Denali & Jonathan Fuller of Engine Down / Denali)
2. Waving Good-Bye (Feat. Aaron Turner of Isis/ Old Man Gloom)
3. Joy Lingers (Feat. Stephen Brodsky of Cave In)
4. Viking Funeral (Feat. Meason Wiley of Dead Waiter / J. Robbins’ of Jawbox/ Burning Airlines production)
5. Landing Strip (Feat. Rex Ritter of Sunn0))),Fontanelle, Jessamine.)
6. Pin Me Down (Feat. Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Matt Brodsky of Harder The Fight)
7. (I) Miss Me (Feat. Oktopus of Dälek and Barry London of Jah Division)
8. Elegant Excuse (Feat Justin Bailey of Eons) and. Nyles Lannon of Film School/N.Lannon)
9. AWOL W/ Adore (Feat. Justin Bailey of Eons) and J. Robbins’ of Jawbox/ Burning Airlines production)
10. Mining For Diamonds (Feat. Stephen Brodsky of Cave In)
11. Four Misused letters " (Feat. Cam DiNunzio of Denali & Jonathan Fuller of Engine Down/Denali)
12. Death Star (Feat. Stephen Brodsky of Cave In)

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