Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SYFFAL has the premiere (and free download!) of Falling Off Maps' "Neon Cross"

"Sometimes, in quiet times of contemplation, in those moments sitting on the edge of your bed, home alone, head in your hands, thinking hard about yourself and your life and your ability to love and participate in society and handle your responsibilities and all that other stuff that you think about in those moments, there comes a song that if anything paints that picture across the sky.
Falling Off Maps absolutely beautiful song "Neon Cross" came to me at just such a time. And not a moment too late. "Neon Cross" is expansive without being complicated, like the horizon somehow moved a little closer, like catching all the green lights on your way to work, like finding out a girl likes you. I haven't had too many of those moments lately, and Falling Off Maps' "Neon Cross" hit me hard in the feelers."
Read the rest and grab a free download of "Neon Cross" to share with your readers over at SYFFAL!

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