Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Wonder Revolution (mbrs Appleseed Cast, The World Palindrome, more) releases new LP today, streaming at Made of Chalk

The Wonder Revolution release new LP today

Stream full album at Made of Chalk
"More than just an amalgamation of post rock, indie, jazz and progressive styles, wondermusic is a genetic code shared by the collective’s diverse membership. What makes this band so unique is the pairing of a guitar maestro as David Lord with the cult pop brilliance of Les Easterby. Now add in drummer Nathan Wilder (The Appleseed Cast) on a few tracks and you have an album to be reckoned with... It is an album that takes listeners on a mental journey through nature with its guitars and perfect harmonies."

New track cleared to post: 
"Pixie Mountain"
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"Wonder Lensed" via Impose
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"Much has been made about David's tuning tricks for classical guitar, where him and Les are able to entertain their inner Sandy Bull re-inventors where every instrument is treated like a wind chime conduit intrinsic to the patterns and direction of weather and position of an orange painted sun. The chords and strings turn like a wind vane responds to convection shifts, where the arrangement and song flow passes like a meditative shared experience between the earth and it's inhabitants. The chorus hook observes all these organic wonders, with the light saw and swing of guitar before returning to the happenstance cluster of strums, and awe-inspiring "ahhhhs" sung in unison."

More than a band, The Wonder Revolution is a collective that features musicians and visual artists, all seeking a return to wonder.
Based in Wichita, Kansas The Wonder Revolution brings together some of the Sunflower State’s most talented and imaginative players who explore the nature of wonder across a series of diverse musical settings that can only be described as wondermusic. More than just an amalgamation of post rock, indie, jazz and progressive styles, wondermusic is a genetic code shared by the collective’s diverse membership.
WOW is the latest release from The Wonder Revolution and finds guitarist David Lord collaborating with brilliant cult pop artist Les Easterby (The World Palindrome, The World Palestine, And Academy). The story of wonder established on earlier albums such as Dots and The Forest Meeting continues with this new collaboration. Lord expands his musical vocabulary by focusing on alternate guitar tunings across the release, his melodies and lines filled with a new beauty and brilliance. Although he’s long been considered a guitar master in his native Kansas—and accolades from Alternative Press, Magnet, and Under The Radarfurther this belief—this new material firmly establishes Lord as an exciting and unique voice in the world of music. Gone are easy comparisons to artists such as Pat Metheny, Jeff Parker and Sam Prekop. Here, Lord arrives as a voice other artists will seek to emulate.
Teaming with Easterby, Lord says, was a natural fit. The longtime friends both possess singular voices in their hometown but their blending on this new release is remarkable. Fans of Easterby’s acclaimed Particularly Hello (recorded as The World Palindrome) will marvel at his abilities on WOW while others might ask why this collaboration didn’t happen sooner. Both musicians approach wondermusic with a sincerity and reverence that is refreshing in an age of shock and irony and which enhances the music’s timelessness. Drummer Nathan Wilder (The Appleseed Cast, Paper Airplanes) joins the duo on several tracks, adding to the album’s impressive array of musicianship.
Veteran engineer Micajah Ryan (Bob Dylan, Guns N’ Roses, Black Angels) teams up with Lord in producing a sonic palette of intoxicating wondermusic, adding to an impressive string of releases from up and coming indie label Air House Records- including a recent benefit compilation featuring Thee Oh Sees, Elf Power, Cave Singers and The Shine Brothers (ex-Black Angels).
The last Wonder Revolution LP, Firefly was a CMJ Top 200 success and WOW promises to continue that trend with its remarkable tunefulness and memorable—and wonder inspiring—songs.

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