Thursday, May 29, 2014

Extreme Metal Duo HOTH Release Sophomore Full Length "Oathbreaker"

Blackened extreme metallers Hoth have released their sophomore full-length album,Oathbreaker, via Epicurus Records.  The 8-song, 55-minute opus is available to stream and purchase in digipak CD or download format via their bandcamp page.

The Seattle-based duo, consisting of David Dees and Eric Peters, formed in 2011 and released their debut album Infinite Darkness, the following year. More than just a follow-up to it's precursor, Oathbreaker is the work of a matured band possessing the rare ability to fully realize an artistic vision.

According to the liner notes, Oathbreaker is a concept album that "follows the story of an individual from his conception and follows him down a path that grows darker and darker. We wanted to create something that sounded mighty and hopeful in the beginning but spiraled into dreary, black despair by the end."


1. The Unholy Conception (7:22)
2. A Blighted Hope (5:26)
3. Cryptic Nightmares (6:27)
4. Serpentine Whispers (5:24)
5. Acolyte of the Tenebrous Night (7:11)
6. Unending Power (8:11)
7. Oblivion (6:20)
8. Despair (8:56)

You can stream and buy Oathbreakerright here

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