Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DEATHSTARS Releases First Track-By-Track Trailer on "The Perfect Cult"

Swedish Industrial Rockers DEATHSTARS will release their upcoming album The Perfect Cult on June 24, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

German LEGACY Magazine stated, that The Perfect Cult is “maybe the best DEATHSTARS album ever; featuring ten glamorous hymns, that want to be discovered!”
SOUND INFECTION even compares the record with “dirty sex on a clinical sterile ground”.

Now the band comes up with the first track-by-track trailer on their new creation.
Find out what the foursome has to tell about ‘Explode’‘Fire Galore’‘All The Devil’s Toys’‘Ghost Reviver’and ‘The Perfect Cult’ here:

More on The Perfect Cult:

Making-of       ‘All The Devil’s Toys’:  
Music video    ‘All The Devil’s Toys’:  

Order 'All The Devil’s Toys' here:
NB MP3:   
Google Play :

The Perfect Cult was recorded in several studios, produced by guitarist/keyboardist Nightmare, along withRoberto Laghi (ENTOMBED, IN FLAMES). The mix was handled by legendary Stefan Glaumann(RAMMSTEINWITHIN TEMPTATION), while the mastering was done by Svante Forsbäck (VOLBEAT,RAMMSTEIN).

The tracklist of The Perfect Cult will be as follows:

01. Explode
02. Fire Galore
03. All The Devil’s Toys
04. Ghost Reviver
05. The Perfect Cult
06. Asphalt Wings
07. Bodies
08. Temple Of The Insects
09. Track, Crush & Prevail
10. Noise Cuts

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