Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trash Talk shares new video, announces tour + releases new album

Today, Trash Talk releases their 5th studio album No Peace via Odd Future Records in conjunction with the announcement of a free US tour put together in collaboration with Grenco Science (home of the G Pen). Fittingly titled "Free Tour," Trash Talk and G Pen are taking the band's notoriously raucous live show to 17 cities across the country this June. To attend, fans can RSVP for the show in their city at gpen.com/freetour. Venues will be revealed to those that RSVP closer to show date. Odd Future's Left Brain will be opening all dates with other special guest appearances along the way. 
In addition to the tour, Trash Talk has partnered with G Pen to present fans with a limited-edition Trash Talk "No Peace" microG travel case and capsule collection. Available now for pre-order, a la carte and bundles on gpen.com, the fully-customized microG travel case is the first to include the new microG Tank and the new microG Herbal Tank, all in one case.

Finally, the band is sharing a new music video for No Peace track "The Hole" today. Directed by Focus Creeps, the video is a portrait of the band - culling footage from their antics on the road and at home in Los Angeles. Check it out below along with more info on their upcoming tour.
WATCH: "The Hole" - http://youtu.be/Ud1S25WXN9I
BUY: No Peace - http://smarturl.it/ttnopeace

Tour Dates
6/9 Tampa, FL
6/10 Miami, FL
6/12 Atlanta, GA
6/13 Richmond, VA
6/14 Baltimore, MD
6/15 Philadelphia, PA
6/17 Brooklyn, NY
6/18 Pittsburgh, PA
6/19 Columbus, OH
6/20 Detroit, MI
6/21 Chicago, IL
6/22 Iowa City, IA
6/23 Omaha, NE
6/24 Denver, CO
6/25 Salt Lake City, UT
6/27 Oakland, CA
6/28 Los Angeles, CA
RSVP for all dates at gpen.com/freetour

More about Trash Talk and No Peace:

No Peace is a promise and a threat. It's the name of 32 minutes of recorded concussions delivered by Trash Talk on Odd Future Records. It is hardcore punk, it is hardcore hip-hop, it's a way of telling you to shut the fuck up if you're try to pigeonhole it.
There's a certain futility in trying to translate Trash Talk's assault into adjectives.The only possible response when hearing No Peace is to start a mosh pit or crack someone in the ribs.  You should probably seem them live, honestly. Lee Spielman incites the crowd like a Hun. The guitars and drums blister. The crowd becomes a melee. There will probably be blood. It's like if Black Flag got pulled under the Timbo's of M.O.P. If you got sent to the firing squad, middle fingers up, I would recommend that you play this.

No Peace is music for the sake of aggression. Recorded in New York City, this is the closest Trash Talk has come to capturing the chaos on wax. Legendary hip-hop producer Alchemist contributes two filthy beats that Trash Talk drag through the gutter, knuckles up. Drums like brass knuckles. A bonus track features King Krule and Wiki from Rat King spitting rain on soft skulls.
Trash Talk are as mad as anyone, so they snap back. They aren't trying to tell lucid stories as much as vividly render emotions. It sounds like bone shards swirling in a hurricane. As The Fader said: "Nirvana seems tame compared to Trash Talk." Pitchfork called their previous EP Awake, "thrilling and great," giving it "Best New Music."
The lyrics are an attempt to figure things out. Stitch the phrases together and it's an almost universal indictment: ""I've made mistakes.... I'm sick of it... It's been that way for far too long... thought I'd leave a legacy after me... don't ever forget this is what you chose... shaved my head, bit my tongue... crack rock... junked up passed out... crashed out on the overpass... traded in a dream now I need a needle to sleep."
This isn't some idle fixation for the edge. This captures the squalor and unpleasant scenes that occur outside of the band's LA warehouse headquarters. Shit is real if you're paying attention. No Peace will ensure you are. Bang it loud until your eardrums pop. 

About Grenco Science:

GrencoScience™ leads at the forefront of ingenuity and aptitude, consistently engineering the most advanced, user-friendly portable vaporizers in the world. The first to market a tank system specifically designed for essential oils and personal aromatherapy regiments, Grenco Science™ integrates superior functionality with the convenience of transportability.

In line with an effort to continually give back to the community, Grenco Science™ has established the Charity Series, wherein a portion of net proceeds are donated to select nonprofit organizations; and the Artist Series, an installment of collaborations with leading industry artists and brand ambassadors.
Trash Talk
No Peace
Odd Future Records
May 27, 2014
1. Amnesiatic (Prod. by Alchemist)
2. Jigsaw
3. The Hole
4. Leech
5. Cloudkicker
6. Body Stuffer
7. Nine Lives
8. Monochrome
9. The Great Escape
10. Locked in Skin
11. SOS
12. Prometheus
13. Just A Taste
14. Reprieve (Prod. by Alchemist)
15. Still Waiting For The Sun (Bonus Track)
16. Stackin Skins (feat. Wiki and King Krule) (Bonus Track)

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