Thursday, May 22, 2014

CONCORD AMERICA premiere new video for "So Gay"

WATCH: "So Gay"

Concord America have released a new video for their latest single "So Gay". Featuring sleazy wiener salesmen, bitter romantic rivalries, as well as a questionable usage of condiments, "So Gay" is the perfect appetizer before Concord America dish out their main course of garage-punk anarchy next Tuesday. Directed by Andrew Schwab of Lifted Pictures and featuring additional production from Evolved Cinema, Concord America offer an experience not to be missed. Suns Out Guns Out will be released on 5/27/14 via Post-Echo. Be sure to also check out Concord America's upcoming tour dates below. 

5/22/14 - The Earl - Atlanta, GA
5/24/14 - Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
5/25/14 - New Brookland Tavern - Columbia, SC
5/26/14 - The Royal American - Charleston, SC
5/28/14 - Bottletree Cafe - Birmingham, AL
5/29/14 - New Earth Music Hall - Athens, GA
5/30/14 - Joe's Underground - Augusta, GA
Based out of Atlanta, Concord America is a trio consisting of brothers John and Vinny Restivo and friend Ben Presley. Claiming influences like Black Lips, Pixies and Cage The Elephant, the group formed around their mutual love for Rock & Roll but found their unique sound in areas ranging from classic Garage and late-50's Doo-Wop all the way to Proto Grunge, Power-Pop and the modern Surf Revival.
The Restivo brothers were a natural rhythm section from the start. "John was already drumming and put the idea in my head to play bass," says Vinny. Until the three met at their job in a seedy pizza joint, the teen brothers were playing in the bands you might expect to find in suburban garages across America. "What really made us want to start a band with Ben," John says, "is that we saw him get past security at a Cage the Elephant show. He jumped on stage during "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" in short shorts, suspenders, combat boots and a sailor hat and did a stage dive." Guitarist and singer Ben Presley seemed to be just the catalyst John and Vinny needed. In 2013, Concord America released their debut LP, Shag Nasty- a blistering lo-fi rock record that solidified the dynamic between Presley and the Restivo brothers. The band plans for their follow-up EP release, Suns Out Guns Out, to drop May 27, 2014 via Post-Echo.
"The band kicks the shit out of their amps with Presley's rampaging riffs and throat-curdling yells, and the Restivos' tag-teamed drums and bass."
"Can you handle tongue-in-cheek matters of the heart via scuzzy garage rock?"
"These boys have been taking the Atlanta music scene by storm for over a year now, maturing steadily from tossing glitter into audiences everywhere to playing some serious rock-meets-punk-meets-beach-meets-grunge-meets-doo-wop..."

(May 27th, Post-Echo)

1. Howlin' at the Moon
2. Vanilla Bastard
3. Crown Vic
4. So Gay
5. Hippie Trash
6. Iced Out
7. Suns Out Guns Out

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