Thursday, May 29, 2014

David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights share "Comin' On" song & video, details on End Times Undone LP

End Times Undone is the new album by The Clean co-founder David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights, due August 5 in the US and August 18 everywhere else. The band has shared a music video for breezy standout "Comin' On" via The AV Club, and New Zealand's largest independent radio station 95bFM is playing the song throughout the day.
If it sounds a little fresher on End Times Undone—Kilgour’s eighth solo album and second straight with this Heavy Eights lineup—that’s because of the method. Not many bands can make musical discovery sound so leisurely and urgent, so crisp and casual. But that’s what transpires over these ten tracks. Building on the chemistry showcased on 2011’s Left by Soft, Kilgour and the Heavy Eights were able to quickly coalesce around this batch of songs.
“A big thing for me is getting to know each other as musicians and people,” Kilgour says. “It’s quite a personal thing to throw ideas around… it’s nice to be a creative unit now.”
Over just ten songs, End Times Undone offers a robust sampling of all the various styles Kilgour has mastered over the last three decades. For an album that comes so late in one’s career, it’s a surprisingly convenient entry point into Kilgour’s body of work. 
End Times Undone will be released shortly after a reissue of The Clean’s Anthology, a 46-track set that serves as the band’s defining document that can attest to their pantheon status. End Times Undone is a perfect companion piece to that collection that left off in 1996, and in many ways feels like it could have simply been the next album helmed by Kilgour instead of one that comes nearly 20 years later. That’s what happens when you have an artist so comfortable with his sound and approach that you just turn on the amps and start playing.
End Times Undone is available for pre-order on LP (randomly colored vinyl, with the first 25 signed by Kilgour), CD, and digital in the Merge store. Those attending Merge 25 can catch David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights on Friday July 25 at Cat's Cradle.

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