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BOOM! "Physical Emotions," the first sonic slab to fall from Black Bananas'  Electric Brick Wall, is a revolutionary listen! Released as a physical (not to mention emotional) 7" single two weeks ago, the density of the "PE" jam on its own is so palpable it virtually creates a kinetic visual representation behind the listener's lids; but how to manifest the sound into something physically fitting for the actual eyes? The sounds found on Electric Brick Wall are constantly moving in strange and unusual ways, making outrageous connections while squeezing through unexpected passages - "Physical Emotions" being a prime time example! YES - with the the rare essence of funkin'sense, Jennifer Herrema kicks and belts her iconic bounce-vibe - no surprises in that department! But everyone needs somebody to love to dance with; to get her partner on, Jennifer coaxes one forth from the community blaster: the hypno-robo-fly Flat Top, unleashed from the i-deck, gets down with Black Bananas' ring leader on multiple planes of physical/emotional "reality," making "Physical Emotions" a full-on, boombox-blasting booty-party of a video! Debuting world-wide with The Guardian earlier today, "Physical Emotions" must now be seen to be believed. "Physical Emotions" is all ready for your turntable or your digital docking station as a single, with it's mothership LP,  Electric Brick Wall, ready to rock the world like a sweet meteor shower come June 24th

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More about Jennifer Herrema and Black Bananas:

Another year, another jam-packed dance card for Jennifer Herrema, the matriarch of all things that rock as she surveys them from her high perch in Black Bananas, Feathered Fish, and the JJ X denim line. Not only has she got a twisted new heavy music offering from Black Bananas coming in May (you have to hear Electric Brick Wall and even then you probably won't believe it at first, that's okay, just hang in there), but her fashion-and-elsewhere collaboration with Pamela Love is ready to drop another great new thing at the Purple Mag Boutique in April. And then there's the remixes, the photo shoots and the gallery shows that are on the way. 2014's gonna be just fine, thanks....

Jennifer's embodiment of the rock n roll life has won her a legion of freaks and fans since the early days of Royal Trux - a time when she first stepped to the front of the stage and did nothing other than stand there for a LONG time before she sang - and still blow away the band, the room, and what seemed to be her mind too! Or was that just a part of the vision that she was putting in our mind?

It's to hard to know....which is why we are telling you. It's on purpose, man. Jennifer understands subliminal and cut-up and misdirection, all that lends weight to the hammer she's swinging. It's a straight-ahead approach that's underscored by the in-between things. Like for instance, Jennifer's highly influenced by television and the switching of channels.....watching old shit in HD and new HD shit on her phone. Flip the script, in her hands it'd work just as well upside down and backwards.

Since those early days riding the Trux all over the place, Jennifer's been sought out by would-be stylemasters from everywhere seeking her vibe to help them profile their work - and eventually, to just have her tell them what to do, since she obviously had such a righteous idea of her own to begin with. After featuring in loads of fashion shoots, she has lately turned to the designing of items to be worn in those shoots, collaborating with Volcom on her JJ X line of denim creations, and working with Playboy to bring her singular styling approach to their centerfolds. Jennifer is currently exhibiting in the group show This Is Our Art, This Is Our Music at the David Risley Gallery in Copenhagan right now. If it isn't art, then it's music - she will be DJ'ing Richard Phillips' "MTV RE:DEFINE" event at the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum in April.  

In fact, it starts and ends with music, even while the rest keeps growing. The Black Bananas record is setting up for maximum impact with groove beats standing just as tall as the slabs of power chords, and all of it floating above a buzzing hive of ?!?. Jennifer's working on a 12" extended dance remix of two Electric Brick Wall highlights (there are eleven highlights total), "Physical Emotions" and "Give It To Me." Hot Chip have turned in a remix on "TV Trouble," from the last record. Music is where it's at! But that doesn't mean Jennifer's gonna slack on the fashion side of things or whatever else comes her way.

That's it for today....too much else to do. 2014 is underway, look for Jennifer Herrema, Black Bananas, Feathered Fish and everything else - coming your way.

Black Bananas
Electric Brick Wall
(Drag City, 6/24/14)

1. Powder 8
2. Dope on an Island
3. Hey Rockin
4. Physical Emotions
5. Highway Down
6. Eve's Child
7. Ride the Chump
8. Give it to Me
9. Creeping Out of Line
10. Old Gold Chains
11. Bullshit and Lies 

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