Thursday, May 8, 2014

Harassor announces "Into Unknown Depths" LP for Dais Records, stream a track!

Unrelenting raw black metal fused with punishing death-laced thrash punk, L.A.'s hate fueled trio Harassor drop their newest statement of destruction and apocalypse on Dais Records with Into Unknown Depths.  For the past 10 years, the band's output has seen releases on HuskNostilevo and their own Rising Beast and Universal Consciousness imprints, which lead to the bands arrival on the Southern Lord's lauded 2011 compilation The Power of the Riff.

Singer Pete Majors blood splattered live performances use black metal tradition but appropriate the bleak landscapes of their own creation to recognize their hellish, bleak dismissal of the human race.  Drummer Sandor GF (a.k.a Lord Time Gnaw Their Tongues) alongside guitarist James "Roach" Brown III (a.k.a. the infamous Lord Foul / Moonknight) pull together a demonic metal assault of unholy blasphemy and sinister hostility.  Subversive as it is demonic, Into Unknown Depths reeks of true underground blackened hate. Limited to 300 copies.


About Harassor:
"Harassor grimly demands the complete extermination of mankind" ...with these words HARASSOR  had a mission statement.  Fueled by hatred for humanity, Black Metal/Thrash band HARASSOR was formed in 2003 in Hollywood, CA by Pete Majors (vocals), Sandor GF (drums), and James Brown III (guitars), and has become one of the L.A. metal scene’s “must-see” live acts. The 3 members met while
working at Amoeba Music, as they all shared similar musical interests and naturally gravitated towards each other. With malicious intent and a fever for raw, old-school black metal, thrash, experimental, hardcore and doom they started playing shows in the L.A. area, opening for a wide range of local and touring bands before releasing a self-titled CD-R demo in 2005. Continuing to refine their savage and barbaric playing style, the band slowly began receiving local recognition through distribution of their demo and relentless and bloody live performances. In 2008, they released a split 7” EP with mysterious Bay Area coven MOON DARK, through drummer Sandor’s label Universal Consciousness.

In 2009, the band contributed songs for the soundtrack to indie-film director Adam Rehemier’s brutally disturbing horror film THE BUNNY GAME, which was screened at the HEAVY METAL FILM FESTIVAL in Los Angeles. After a period of writing new material, a recording session was conducted in fall 2010 with producer and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno of BEST COAST, and 2 of the tracks were released as
the “Astral Psychosis” cassette on Complicated Dance Steps, which has since gone out of print.  The core of the Bruno recordings were released on vinyl/cassette as "Night On My Side: The Bruno Sessions".

After years of playing live and little recording, HARASSOR  began working at a feverous pace.  A new vinyl LP version of their 2005 demo, recently remastered in part by Roskva of LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, with 2 songs re-recorded (“Christ Hate” and “Wretched Faith”) as well as an all-new song (“Killed By Inanity”).  This demo also saw 2 separate cassette reissues on underground labels Annex Scum & Nostilevo.

Looking ahead, HARASSOR spent the next 2 years recording at Seahorse Sound in DTLA for the upcoming LP release for Dais Records.  The long process lent time for other recordings including the most recent split 12" with Glass Coffin and the upcoming split 7" with Author & Punisher.

Into Unknown Depths begins a full force assault in which Harassor will hit the road in Summer 2014 to promote the LP.

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