Thursday, October 2, 2014

DAVIDGE, Esteemed Composer and Producer of Massive Attack, Set To Release 'Riot Pictures' featuring Sandie Shaw October 7th

Carnaby Street, Biba, Sgt Peppers, David Bailey, The Kings Road, The Rolling Stones and a barefootSandie Shaw, just a few of the glorious images from the Swinging 60’s. Sandie Shaw is the original pop princess working with seminal music artists from Burt Bacharach andAdam Faith to The Smiths on celebrated hits such as "Puppet on a String""Always Something There to Remind Me” and "Hand In Glove", the first of a kind, laying the foundations for early feminism and an inspiration who has paved the way for the young iconic women of today who follow in her bare footsteps.
Last year with the release of her entire back catalogue Sandie flippantly announced her plans to retire… her agenda was in fact all the more exciting. The retirement taken as a literal comment by the media was not an outright plan to turn to pastures new, but in fact a desire to put to bed her musical past, move on from her musical heritage and focus on a new sound, a new image and brand new material. Plans were already in the pipeline starting with an exciting new project created by the also legendary Neil Davidge akaDavidge, the producer, sonic architect and co-writer of the last three Massive Attackalbums.
"Sandie Shaw is one of the great icons of British Popular Music. Her voice and charm have been the backdrop to the changing face of music. She’s a legend." - Jools Holland
Neil Davidge, best known for his production work on the ground breaking album "Mezzanine” and the hauntingly beautiful single “Teardrop”. He’s the composer of Microsoft’s Halo 4 gaming franchise and score composer to many movies including the forthcoming James Franco / Kate Hudson movie “Good People” as well as the highly anticipated “Monsters: Dark Continent” sequel premiering in late November 2014, with an impressive lineage of musical collaborations and sonic sculpting for David Bowie, Snoop Dog, Damon Albarn, Primal Scream and Mos Def.
This year, Neil delivered his debut solo album ‘Slo Light’, a work of quality electronica and distinctive beats. A modern day Brian Eno, from the orchestral production school ofWilliam Orbit and Andrew Weatherall, Neil has been responsible for some of the most pioneering and inspirational music of the 90’s generation. He is a prolific writer and producer and a much respected ‘behind the scenes’ studio wizard. His unique, unparalleled depth and clarity of production creates the enigma of tension, darkness and beauty, the musical equivalent of a siren, calling sailors to their sweet doom.
In celebration of 50 years within the Music Business this Autumn, Sandie rallies to the siren call and makes a powerful statement by collaborating as a featured vocalist on one of Davidge’s latest productions, the superbly leftfield ‘Riot Pictures’, penned by Davidge with lyrics by Robert Del Naja. Sandie’s vocals show the brilliant maturity in her voice like never before– flexing her vocal chords over a sub bass growl and a Bond-esque string arrangement. It’s new, fresh, vibrant, sexy as hell and merges an appeal for the armies of fans of both Davidge / Massive Attack and Sandie alike. 
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