Friday, October 10, 2014

VOMIT FIST: Hosts Guitarist Nick Didkovsky's "Rig Rundown"

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VOMIT FIST’s recently released debut digital EP, Forgive But Avenge, will be made available in hard copy CD format via independent release on October 28, 2014. Today, has an exclusive Rig Rundown highlighting guitarist Nick Didkovsky’s performance rig! Take a look at the video and get your gear-head on:

If you haven’t seen it yet, The Village Voice recently premiered VOMIT FIST’s new, 48-second-long music video for “Under The Rind”. Check it out here:

Catch a midnight (11:59pm) live set from New York City-natives VOMIT FIST TONIGHT @ UCB East, as part of the 'And I Am Not Lying' variety show featuring additional stand-up performances, burlesque, and sideshow entertainers galore. To get tickets:

Featuring raw, in-your-face sonics, the band’s new EP, Forgive But Avenge, was recorded and engineered at Nik Chinboukas at Spin Studios (studio credits include Lamb of GodTestament and Gojira).  The tracks rip through themes of rebirth, apocalyptic chaos, ecstatic dermal auto-excoriation, and transgressive ancient tantric poetry.

Order Forgive But Avenge here:

Last year, 17-year-old metal drummer Leo “Lurkrot” Didkovsky proposed the idea of forming a blackened-grindcore band with his guitarist/composer father, Nick “Vürdoth” Didkovsky. With the later addition of fellow 18-year-old family friend and vocalist Malcolm “Skrag the Screecher” Hoyt, this connection birthed the ultra-high energy project VOMIT FIST, hailing from the depths of New York City.

Each member of VOMIT FIST pulls influence from a rich musical background. Guitarist and composer Nick Didkovsky founded the avant-rock band Doctor Nerve in 1983, the metal band Häßliche Luftmasken in 2010, and was a member of the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet during its tenure. In addition, he has composed for a number of ensembles including Bang On A Can, ETHEL, and Meridian Arts Ensemble, and his Black Sabbath guitar lessons on YouTube have reached millions of viewers. Nick’s son Leo Didkovsky founded the death metal band Diabolicus, which released two records in its lifetime. Meanwhile, Singer Malcolm Hoyt is founding member of art punk band Adela and the Ucars, and is also active with Space Ass and Mucus (all bands Leo was a member of, as well), although the band collectively describes Skrag as having “crawled forth from the bleeding plasma bowels of a dying star 4.5 billion years ago”. Hey, we all come from somewhere.

For more information on VOMIT FIST, please visit these websites:

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