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Paperhaus share new video in advance of Feb 10 release!

DC's Paperhaus share new video for "Cairo", the first single from self-titled debut LP, due February 10, 2015!

NEW "Cairo" video via Brooklyn Vegan

"Cairo" via Stereogum
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"It’s one of those songs that starts out atmospheric and whispery but inevitably explodes — a propulsive and high-flying dose of guitar rock buoyed by traces of post-punk, krautrock, and prog. Like Paperhaus themselves, this song never stops charging forward." - Stereogum

The video for 'Cairo' was shot at a warehouse in NE DC called Union Arts, a multipurpose art space and one of the most important creative hubs in the city right now, housing arts spaces, music studios, a large live performance space, and even a two wheel workshop. Paperhaus tears through a live performance of the song while psychedelic lights highlight the intense, unconscious nature of the creation of the song and the song itself, which was made through psychedelic-influenced improvisations sessions and many more sessions of hard work to craft it in to a composition. The smashing of the televisions isn't simply ironic, considering it's being done in one of the east coast's most creative spaces, but a rebellion against complacency.
The removal of such a blatant distraction as television promotes a wealth of opportunities (i.e. critical thinking, self-awareness, more time, etc). It's the way it is being used as an end instead of part of the means in our popular culture that feels damaging. The huge DIY music and arts scene in DC right now, and the incredible community around it, is very much about interpersonal connections, and staring at a screen too often is a distraction from that. It's about re-prioritizing and re-evaluating our values as a society, and focusing more on our relationships in the real world and spending more of our personal time on creative and truly fulfilling pursuits.
Watch the video for "Cairo" here.
The song "Cairo" is about the monotone culture of the elite. The Cairo is an old hotel in DC. It was a building that represented the high political class. "We come and go in monotone" is about how there were so many lavish but effectively soulless parties, in direct contrast to the kind of experience at the house shows currently in DC. Imagine working there in the waitstaff and seeing people come in and out pretending to be important (some were) with inflated egos month after month. They must all look the same at some point...
DC is once again a place that needs its priorities reevaluated. Music and the community around it is one of our best opportunities to have a means to do that. Luckily people are using the means in a huge way in DC right now! Paperhaus hopes to help encourage that and grow it in any way they can.
Resident local DC music video king Nigel Lyons shot and edited the video.
If you’ve spent much time around the DC music scene for the past five years, you’ve heard of Paperhaus. They’re a band founded by long time musical partners Alex Tebeleff and Eduardo Rivera, and over the course of two EPs and multiple national tours, they’ve worked their way up as one of the most well-known live bands in the city. Danny Bentley joined the band in 2014, adding a new edge and energy to the band with his relentless and powerful drumming.
The album was written over a period of two years, mostly through intense improvisation sessions, that eventually evolved into specifically composed songs. The themes of the album are discovering your place in the world, creating a better awareness of yourself and the world around you, and mind expansion via whatever means necessary. This mind sound like a bunch of hippie bullshit, but Paperhaus are not a band of hippies. They’ve been much more informed by the punk ethos and the music that followed in response to the psychedelic scene of the 1960′s.
Paperhaus has shared the stage with bands like Man Man, War On Drugs, Caveman, Here We Go Magic, Woods, Widowspeak, Desert Noises, and Deleted Scenes, over the course of hundreds of shows around the country over the past few years.

Praise for their new single "Cairo"…..

"“Cairo” almost has the structure we would expect from classical movements, except the payoff is an intense, fuzzy climax of post-punk." - DCist

"Tracks such as 'Cairo' are a perfect summation of the band's psychedlic kraut-pop." - NME

"A few scatty power chords at the start and OHHH I wasn’t expecting that! Erratic guitars alarming everywhere – you’ve definitely got my attention, Paperhaus. Those serene backing vocals, the rumbling kraut drums, the criss-crossing rhythms… I’m struggling to even string a sentence together. Just listen to the fucking song." - Three Beams

"It’s a scorching piece of lively guitar rock that is smart and assured. It knows where its going and doesn’t beat around the bush. If you’re in any of the cities that they still have yet to come to, you’d be smart to check these guys out live." - We All Want Someone To Shout For


Artist - Paperhaus
Album - Paperhaus
Release Date - February 10, 2015
Label - S/R

01. Cairo
02. Untitled
03. 432
04. Misery
05. Surrender To The Night
06. So Slow
07. I'll Send It To You
08. Surrender outro (digital only)

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