Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SF's Mosaics streaming debut LP, "Of Colors" all week with CMJ!

"Of Colors pairs creaky folk minimalism with light-strewn electronic elements, creating an LP that’s decidedly strange, but endlessly listenable. GLAM gets a little Bjorkian andSubmit churns dark pop elements around in a soul-dented sadness, so there’s a lot to get into here." - CMJ 

Combining the songwriting strengths of alt-J and the production agility of Four Tet and Apparat, Mosaics are a San Francisco trio making music for the modern world in all its jittery, glittering glory. With unconventional guitar lines, overlapping samples, and intricate production, they marry artistry and accessibility to create a sound that comes across like an old friend after a long journey- transformed entirely, but warmly familiar. Having already received high praise from Magnetic Magazine and Indie Rock Cafe and a commercial spotlight for Lumosity, they are quickly becoming recognized as a force to be reckoned with.

While studying classical music together at Loyola Marymount University, guitarist Devon Kelts and producer Tyler Hill developed a strong friendship and a vibrant musical chemistry. After learning that the classical world was not for them, they pulled up the stakes and moved to San Francisco, where they soon started Mosaics. With one self-produced EP under their belt, the pair picked up Grady Lee, a vocalist and guitarist hailing from Orlando, Florida. Together, they finished their upcoming LP Of Colors, set for release on October 21st.

The band was formed with the ambition to paint sonic canvases with the mediums of modern technology. By following this principle and folding in organic inspiration, they have crafted their own method of songwriting that, by fully embracing the limitations of “bedroom production,” brings the art form to bold new ground. Naming Michael Hedges, David Bowie, Yeasayer, Moderat, Nine Inch Nails, and Radiohead among their chief influences, Mosaics have an ear to the past, but make music for the here and now.

Praise for Mosaics….
"Drawing inspiration from such genre-blurring artists as Kaki King, Four Tet, Yeasayer andAlt-J, San Francisco trio Mosaics offer their own impeccably produced blend of acoustic instrumentation, ’80s/‘90s synth-rock and modern EDM. From their upcoming album, Of Colors, out October 21, this track is fresh and we like it!" - The Big Takeover

"With a production prowess that even Four Tet could respect, and an overall indie rock sensibility that inspires comparisons to Alt-J and Yeasayer, Mosaics is going places, but on their terms and wherever their creativity will take them. This song fuses classic rock and modern electronic elements effortlessly and to great effect. I am very excited to see what more is in store with the album if this is the first single out the door." - Magnetic Magazine

Artist -  Mosaics
Album - Of Colors
Release Date - October 21, 2014
Label -  S/R

01. Mosaic
02. Recursive
03. Constant
04. GLAM
05. Lighter
06. Sinner
07. Submit
08. Meet Your Maker
09. Mosaics

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