Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Single Lash shares singles + album details

To coincide with today's release of their new LP Soft as Glass, Single Lash is sharing three new tracks from the album. Although Single Lash is typically a trio, this particular album is a solo project from frontman Nicolas Nadeu. Soft as Glass is available digitally and on a limited run of cassettes via Pour le Corps Records. Check out streams of the singles along with all album details below. 

LISTEN: "No Reaction" - https://soundcloud.com/pourlecorps/no-reaction   

More info about Single Lash and Soft As Glass:

Single Lash is an Austin-based trio producing beautifully damaged and dark music. Known for their powerful live performances, the band creates a dense melodic atmosphere of howling guitar propelled by the dynamic rhythm section of Colin Foster (bass) and Neil Lord (drums). From within this black cloud emerges guitarist and frontman Nicolas Nadeau's reverb-laden croon that draws regular comparison to Echo and the Bunnymen's Ian McCulloch. After releasing a string of home-recorded CD-Rs, the band has been hard at work on their studio-produced debut to capture the fury of their live shows. Amidst this process, Nadeau created 'Soft as Glass', a solo effort still bearing the Single Lash name and spirit, but exploring colder, more industrial territory. His thickly reverbed guitar is a haunting presence, winding its way through driving dance beats and occasional bouts of distressed electronic textures. The sultry atmosphere of Single Lash's previous releases still hovers, but the protruding edges are sharper than before. Soft as Glass was released on May 6 via Pour le Corps Records.

Single Lash
Soft as Glass
(Out Now, Pour le Corps Records)

1. No Reaction
2. I Won't See You
3. Treatment
4. Nightcrawler
5. Soft As Glass
6. Dead Inside
7. Now and Always
8. Far From Home

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