Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ShayGray Releases "Hipster Hype" EP Out Today as Spotify Exclusive

His debut EP may be entitled Hipster Hype, but ShayGray has the skills to back up the noise. Out today as a two week Spotify exclusive (available on all retailers June 3),  the satirical Hipster Hype EP is a showcase of ShayGray's sharp-tongued and quick witted talent, which takes the form of four tracks.

This may be ShayGray's first EP, but don't let that fact throw you off - it has so much power and style you'll quickly be wondering where he's been all your life. The lead single "Illuminati," featuring the infamous Borgore, has already been making waves in both the electronic and hip-hop communities, with the wild video causing a stir amongst fans and media alike. In fact, in one month the video reached 189k YouTube plays, while the the track received 408k plays on Soundcloud.

Hailing from Tel Aviv in Israel, firecracker rapper ShayGray is a burst of energy bound in a 25 year old body. ShayGray's musical journey started in the hip-hop community of Israel, where he was instantly embraced due to his quick tongue and fearless creativity. He was quickly performing to crowds all over the country, which lead him to be featured on numerous tracks, and provided the opportunity to perform worldwide. The last few years have seen ShayGray heavily involved in electronic music, most notably through his work with fellow Israeli Borgore. 


1. Hipster Hype
2. Mazel Tov
3. Still Close to the Bottom
4. Illuminati (with Borgore)

Praise for ShayGray:

"#AlternativePick" - AllHipHop.com

"...that cross between amazing and offensive that we love so much." - Do Androids Dance

"...a quick tongue and a quart of creativity." - Earmilk

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