Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Post-rock duo Collapse Under the Empire celebrates release week with a full album stream

Collapse Under The Empire streams album
at Surviving the Golden Age before release

Sacrifice & Isolation available digitally and on CD Friday, May 23

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"A Broken Silence" | 
"Stairs To The Redemption"

Collapse Under The Empire has firmly established itself in the post-rock scene over the last four years, acquiring an international name in the process.  The Hamburg, Germany duo, comprised of Chris Burda and Martin Grimm, has developed and honed its own electronic post-rock sound over four albums and a series of EPs since they first started playing together in 2008.  Their forthcoming release, Sacrifice & Isolation, will wrap up a double concept work, beginning with 2011's Shoulders & Giants.  The band recently released their first single, "Stairs To The Redemption," with an accompanying video directed by London-based Dan Tassell.  

Sacrifice & Isolation explores the themes of freedom, isolation and death.  The finale to the band's two-part series is their darkest and most experimental album to date, full of dramatic and unsettling sounds.  The first half of the album heavily reflects the band's electronic leanings, while the latter half grows more organic with each passing track, the melancholic synth pads and electro beats clearing a path for more apocalyptic guitar tones and live drums.  
Click here to watch the video for "Stairs To The Redemption"

The video for "Stairs To The Redemption" takes a surreal journey through a mysterious and ephemeral future landscape cultivated within the hollow shell of London's Battersea Power Station. Set in a future strangled by rampant homogeneity, the power station remains an unchanged monument to an industrial past, at least that’s how it appears. Inside the building's crumbling brick walls an experimental world has taken hold, under the watchful gaze of The Scientist who has brought the building to life. This film is part of a wider exploration into how the building's character could be preserved through a parasitic architecture that is cultivated, grown and brought to life using living technologies.

Previous press-
"it's a mature piece of post-rock sound" - Q
"Crafting electronic post-rock with a flair for the truly cinematic" - Rocksound
"Accomplished, virtuoso and engaging." - Clash

Artist - Collapse Under The Empire
Album - Sacrifice & Isolation
Release Date - May 23, 2014
Label -  Finaltune Records
01. Sacrifice
02. Isolation
03. Massif
04. Lost
05. Awakening
06. A Broken Silence
07. Light In The Distance
08. Stairs To The Redemption
09. What The Heart Craves For
10. The Path

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