Thursday, May 8, 2014

Neomythics release "Preppers" music video from new album "More Protection"

Neomythics return with More Protection their third record of 10 original songs that connect a generational sound with contemporary social concepts. Musicians Matt Montgomery and Gregory Howe create rock and roll minded compositions with a driving rhythm section, beautiful piano, intense vocals and big guitars.  Legendary guitar innovator and recording artist Harvey Mandel is featured throughout the album.  
Musically and lyrically, More Protection furthers many of the themes commenced on Neomythics' debut album for Ex-Fed Records, New Corporate Resistance and it's follow-up Projectiles. Sparse yet precise, the pocket onMore Protection is a solid foundation on which provocative vocal performances and memorable guitar solos rest upon.
Joining Neomythics on More Protection are multi-musician Jimmy Fontana, slide guitarist Bruce Bjerka, and back-up singers Nathalie Sanchez and Lisa Rein.
Link to 5 song sampler:

"Neomythics defy both convention and description. Their debut album New Corporate Resistance honors those who have always used music to fight The Man, and it reminds us that the fight continues with a 'now' generation empowered by new tools and techniques. It's an album that would fit in just as well a generation ago, and will still be relevant in another generation."- RUST ZINE
"Hopefully more mainstream rock bands will draw inspiration from bands such as Neomythics and New Corporate Resistance"- STEREOKILLER

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